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Parking in motorcycle bays in the City - London

hello all,

Has anyone had any experience of commuting into the City in a Twizy?
Specifically, are we allowed to park in motorcycle bays which are currently free to park in, or are there any other designated places near Liverpool St station?

Any feedback appreciated.


The Twizy cannot be parked as a motorcycle. You may find a free on-street charging point but the maximum time is usually about 3 hours.

It’s free to park in pay and display bays in Westminster for up to 4 hours, simply because maximum stay is 4 hours even if you pay.

Q-park provide a discount for electric cars in their underground car parks. These are obviously 24/7 access.

Interesting, I would have thought, as it is classed as a Heavy Quadricycle, you could legallly park in a motorcycle bay? I mean - MOTOR yes, CYCLE yes, no mention of unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or quadricycle. All are cycles with a motor - with possible exception of a unicycle.

… and would, of course, be cycles without a motor, too. The classification is to do with weight, power, conformance testing, and driver licensing. I don’t think they apply to parking, which is (or ought to be) about space.