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Parking Lights Fault/Bug/Crap Design?

So today I discovered upon returning home that my parking lights can be switched on without the key in the ignition. Surely as soon as this becomes well known some people will see it as a laugh to go around turning all the Twizy parking lights on to run down the 12v battery.

Or is my Twizy faulty?

Alas no [well, not if you use Renault’s definition of “faulty” anyway - that is what it is “designed” to do :)]. So shhh!

It would be nice if there were a lockable power isolator switch for the 12V battery. If it goes flat, it is apparently very difficult to move the Twizy!

Has anyone experienced a flat 12V battery yet with a powered Li 58 volt jobby?

If you swap the parking lights for LEDs they ought to run for a several days. 6 watts of LED = 70 watts of bulbs. Sort of parking light power? 4 x 15w plus a bit spare.

watts = volts x amps so at 12 volts that equals 12/70=0.17 amps

60 ampere hour battery (?) would give 352 hours = 9 days?

Switching to LEDs is probably the way forward.

However surely Renault needs to fix this?

Im not a biker, but for those of you who are, can the lights on a bike be operated without the ignition key?

All parking lights can be operated without a key, is that not what they are designed for to warn others of its parked state? I dont really see an issue with it as its quite rare for a twizy to be left for such a long period for the battery to drain enough with out the owner seeing the light is left on?

I guess the question for Renault is what actually is powered by the 12v? we know the lights, bluetooth etc… but what else?

The 12v battery powers all the utilities and lights just like a normal car. If you leave the lights on and run it down then the handbrake wont unlock until the 12v battery has been sufficiently recharged by the traction battery. I’ve yet to find out how long this takes.

Yes, but isn’t that normally when you’re in or near the car and have briefly parked up? Who leaves their parking lights on when they’re away from the car for lengthy periods?

I also think the Twizy is slightly different seeing as anybody can gain access to the controls. A parking light that has to be turned on with the keys in the ignition just to start with would surely be better, rather than anybody being able to mess around with them.

Yours will be if i visit North London and find your Twizy >:) haha

I do see your point and i guess that points us back to the dreaded windows… maybe a change for Twizy V2!!! You could create a bypass only issue is that the warranty would be null :frowning:

I guess you could remove the fuse, if you could find it. [Mind you, so could anyone else].

Maybe I’m worrying too much, although removing a fuse is a lot more hassle for a passer by than just flicking a switch!

I own a BMW C1 - the parking lights are operated with the ignition key - just an extra position.

Welcome gleirvik

Thanks for this. Proves I have a point :wink:

Yes you worry too much :wink:

I seem to remember older motorbikes having a position on the ignition key to have the parking lights on.

As soon as you’ve jumped the Twizy accessory battery from another car the system will power on and start charging from the Traction battery. It’s worth bearing in mind that once powered up you will want to leave the ignition on for 10 mins while the accessory battery gets charged back up. Turning it straight of after a power up the accessory battery will still be flat.

The problem is that the accessory battery is required to power up the CanBus and the rest of the vehicle’s systems to enable the 57-12v DC DC converter to switch on. CanBus was designed for conventional vehicles hence it uses 12v rather than the more logical approach of sourcing power from the traction battery.