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Parking ticket because I wasn't charging

Unfortunately the lack of Type 2 charging ability has come back to bite me.

I parked in an ‘Electric Vehicle Only’ bay in Westminster and got a parking ticket because I wasn’t charging the Twizy. The reason? I could only reach a Type 2 charge point, and there was another car blocking the 3kw charge point. He wasn’t even charging!

Had the Twizy cable been 0.5m longer I would have reached it :frowning:

Full details can be read here (with images): http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=87982

So just be aware that in some bays it is mandatory to charge your car otherwise you’ll get a fine!

Really sorry to hear this. As to whether you have any chance of success - it will be limited. It is an EV ‘recharging’ bay NOT an EV parking bay. In mitigation it would be interesting to see whether the other car who ICE’d you was similarly ticketed. Do you know? There is a possibility you could suggest you were waiting there (‘queuing’, in effect) to access the 3Kw charge post - you’ve nothing to lose. I have to say, Glasgow also have a number of on-street posts that offer free parking - whilst you are CONNECTED to it.

Charging is a misnomer, as you could be fully charged and the charger ceases to draw power, but that is allowable. However I cannot use it for the Twizy as these are 7Kw only. I’m looking forward to finally using them in a few weeks. The plus side - is that (on the Glasgow posts) non EV’s are ticketed, as are Blue Badge holders who are up in arms about the fact they are not being allowed to ICE these locations, but they have refused to accept this as an excuse, which is why I feel your appeal will be rejected - all the boxes must be ticked. I agree the location of the posts leaves much to be desired, but that is not a consideration for the parking adjudicator. One thing though, in this situation I would have rolled forward to the front of the bay - would your coiled lead not have made the stretch if you were at the front? By parking nose-in you you’ll not have snagged the car in front so would not have to have baby-sat the connection.

Lastly, I always carried a 4m extension to provide a bit of length when required - and if you had that, you would have been fully compliant. None of those solutions will help your repudiation of the fine - but it is a steep learning curve!

I tried parking as close asi could to the other car to reach the charge point, it just didn’t reach.

So out of courtesy I backed up so that someone else could use the 7kw if they needed to.

And yes the other car was ticketed too. It was also an EV but wasn’t charging. I couldn’t complain if he was charging but the fact that he parked where he did and didn’t even need to charge annoyed me.

My main argument would be that the sign doesn’t actually say charging is mandatory. The road says electric vehicles only, and there are other bays in Westminster where you can park next to a charge point without charging. It’s confusing and ambiguous.

I will appeal as I have nothing to lose, but I may have to take it as an expensive lesson. It was bound to happen sooner or later. At least now I’m aware.

Absolutely - the ambiguity argument will be key, unless they latch on to the ‘recharging’ descriptor and as such seek justification on this alone. I gather London has a dedicated Appeals Board, but you only involve them if your informal appeal to Westminster Council is rejected.

Another aspect is there is an increasing amount of bay blocking by those who are fly enough to simply hook up then head off for 8 hours or so. Glasgow originally had a 2 hr limit, and I argued this was unreasonable as a Twizy could take up to 3hrs to charge. The result was instead of increasing the limit, they removed it. This means we have to rely on EV drivers moving off when charged. What do you reckon some will play it to the letter and you’ll never get to recharge?


By the way: What kind of car was blocking the space? “BHD”? Never saw a car like that before.