Parking Ticket Issued

Well after being told by the very nice civil enforcement officer I could park my Twiz in the motorcycle bay and having been doing so trouble free for over a month I now have a ticket. Offense code C23 “parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle”. I was told not to park in the pay and displays or I would get a ticket there so unsure where I can park now. I guess it had to happen as the saying goes you pay peanuts!!! I have appealed today and they have 14 days to respond, so i will let you know how it goes. I have quoted westminster and various other councils who seem to have a sensible approach but will wait to see what my council say.

Not wishing to upset the delicate soles i can’t name the council at this point but will let you know any progress. Ho hum happy new year and twiz now sitting garage and I am forced to use a polluting petrol car again for my daily commute!!!

Good luck. I spoke to my Council about parking around here. As I we have no windows and size of car they first suggested M/C bays but then said the vehicle didn’t meet the classification to do that. Therefore the only options was park in the side streets. Great! They then fitted Meters to all the side streets but omitted to put charge points on them. Again same problem as pay and display tickets go walkies. They also said I have to get proof I purchased a ticket just in case.

No wonder town centres are loosing out.

Council as per location - Chesterfield.

Its always worth an appeal, at least you get your money’s worth since they have to have a qualified lawyer look at it.
I would be more upset if I got a ticket for using a pay and display bay with a Twizy, as far as I know the Twizy has never been classed as a motorcycle so your original traffic warden has a lot to answer for. The Twizy is a car.
As far as Westminster council goes, they will probably give you a ticket for parking on a motorcycle bay because you need a permit for it and besides the bikers would probably have let down your tyres already for taking up their space :slight_smile:
Besides you would be mad to park there because their meter bays are free for EVs for up to 4 hrs depending on the maximum stay permitted. The wardens are aware of this limit and will note the positions of your tyre valves to check how recently you moved. The drivers simply shift their vehicle from one bay to another during their lunch breaks.
Keep us posted on your appeal, you may be setting a legal precedent here.

I always photograph my Pay & Display tickets as I leave them tucked under the wiper. Not lost one yet.
It is a genuine problem for Twizy drivers and some classic car drivers too. Phone or Text bays are becoming more common and should alleviate this issue.

Guys there’s a thread called motorcycle bays. I posted this on it a while back which might help your appeal.
If I remember rightly the twizy’s class is L7. Is this the same as a trike or motorcycle? Because I went on Westmister’s website and saw this:
"9. Am I allowed to use motorcycle bays if I have a trike (i.e. a 3-wheeler)?

Any mechanically or electrically powered vehicle which is in a tax class of ‘bicycle’ is defined under the regulations as being a motorcycle and therefore permitted to use the bays." unquote

Many thanks that was included in the email I’ve sent and I will let you know the outcome


Be careful where you stop. Twizy is actually technically a heavy quadricycle and that limits where you can in fact pull up. It also technically means that when they make crash helmets mandatory on our UK roads for quad bikes then you “should” wear one inside a Twizy inside your roll cage and seat belted air bagged cabin. Now that one I will fight.

Many thanks

Actually, it’s a little more nuanced than that.

With bike-derived quads, helmets should be worn (although not compulsory) but car-derived quads have the same requirements as cars :slight_smile:

Not sure I fully agree with you. The Gov website at “” seems to suggest that

[FONT=nta]‘Car like quads’, where the driver compartment is fully enclosed, are treated in the same way as other quads[/FONT]

Hmm. I still think that heavy quads with car controls are different from motorcycle quads with bike controls (or a combination of both) May be wrong though :slight_smile:

Dont’ worry – no sane person will require anyone to wear a crash helmet in the Twizy. There’s just too much inertia when you wear a helmet that could seriously injure you in a side impact. You’d need a full race harness and neck-brace too to be really safe :slight_smile:

I agree. The G-Wiz is also classed as a quad and I can’t see crash helmets being worn in them.

Well I Have been told that the ticket was incorrect as they had recorded it as a Reliant!! However they have refused permission for parking if motorcycle bays, so much for Oxford City Council supporting the green option!!! Will now have to establish where I can legally park!!!

Hi all I have now been told by the council two things which are rather contradictory, firstly its a bike for tax purposes, and secondly its a car for parking and I have to use pay and display. I guess thats a battle to fight!!! However I have also established that I have to pay and display in the non designated electric bays that are more often than not full with normal cars. Can I ask what others have found around the UK with electric charging points and having to pay to park in them before I compose my letter to the local chief executive of the city council thanks?

Yeah sometimes these things do occur and are quite funny in a way irritating because at the end they end of teaching us a lesson lol. It gets funny when you hear someone expericing it even when you are experiencing them yourself.