I went to my local town today and parked my Twizy end on to the pavement within the marked space. However when I was leaving some bloke piped up “your parked illegally mate”. You know the sort, should have had his adenoids out when he was a kid! I was somewhat taken aback as I have only ever had positive comments when people see the Twizy.
I googled end on parking when I got home but couldn’t find any information, does anyone know what the law says? It would be useful to know so if it’s illegal I wouldn’t do it again or put the self righteous @@@ in his place if it was.

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“Perpendicular Parking” is probably the best description of end on parking. Few google bits online, seems to be a grey area (as most things with Twizy tbh).

Individual councils have individual guides on parking/motorcycle bays i.e. in Cheshire East, Tricycles and above have to park in and pay for a full parking space, It seems more understanding councils don’t have to pay at all for Twizys due to being insecure, so I’d suggest contacting your local council.

no date or case no. unfortunately

I always work on the basis that provided I’m in side the lines and not obstructing the cars parked parallel then it is okay.

I parked in like that as all the Motor Cycles were parked like that last time I went to Matlock Batch on a Sunday. Every other day cars park parallel. So depends on the day!

You must be fairly local to me I drove through Matlock Bath on Saturday, I am just outside Ashbourne.

Click my icon and you will see I’m from Chesterfield. Ashbourne to Matlock Bath isn’t a round trip in a Twizy. Did you change somewhere?

There was a benchmark case about two years ago when a smart car driver was ticketed by a traffic warden for doing this. The case went to court and the judge found in her favour so a precedent has been set, so in the eyes of the law, it’s perfectly legal.

Did you park front end to the kerb or rear end to the kerb? You’re not supposed to reverse onto a main road I vaguely remember from reading the highway code many years ago. Maybe it was this he was referring too? If you parked rear end in then I can’t see what the issue would be. Maybe he was just an arse… :grinning:

No I go regularly to my daughters at Matlock without needing to charge even in the cold weather. I also get to Derby and back without charging but I do drive it carefully to achieve this. The weather was warmer today and the range reading was 42 miles which is the highest I have had since buying it in December.

I was front in so that might have been his point but I think he probably was an arse anyway. I will reverse in in future

You do very well. I too go to Derby but charge before return trip as I use mire than half the bars getting there. Also the last bits in Chesterfield are a bit hilly.

Regarding the “Perpendicular Parking” This is the BBC’s report on the Smart Car case

The way to do it then is to stay in the lines and not stick out like the smart.

This is an article from the BBC magazine:

A Smart car owner has won a year-long battle over a £50 parking ticket given because she parked at a right angle to the kerb. But what is the law, asks Chris Stokel-Walker.
Vanessa Price has managed to get a £50 parking fine levied against her by Gloucestershire County Council overturned by an adjudicator, who said she did not break any road regulations by parking her Smart car at 90 degrees to the kerb.
Price was given the ticket because the front of her car peeked out from the parking bay lines in Stroud, Gloucestershire. It was overturned because the rule that drivers must park within markings does not apply in limited waiting spaces on highways.
Smart cars have been on sale in the UK since 2000, and are immediately recognisable for their small size. Though Smart’s current marketing material suggests drivers parallel park into tight spots, some owners take advantage of the size of the Smart car, which at 2.69m is only slightly longer than the average car is wide, to park perpendicular to the kerb.
Price even suggested in her defence against the parking fine that the Smart website illustrates how to park perpendicularly to the kerb. The company’s Facebook group has occasionally highlighted such practices. But is this parking legal?
No one is sure.
Two solicitors specialising in parking law could not say whether perpendicular, rather than parallel, parking in a Smart car could fall foul of the law.
The Local Government Association directed inquiries to the British Parking Association (BPA), a trade body that is, according to its website, a “recognised authority on parking”.
“As far as we are aware, we have not come across this particular issue before,” a spokesperson said. But vehicles have to follow general parking laws, regardless of the type of vehicle, and the size of the space they’re pulling in to.
“There is no law that specifies the size of a parking bay, but there are guidelines. Roads can be different widths so parking needs to be managed appropriately. The BPA works with government to ensure parking and traffic signs are reviewed as necessary and reflect the changing needs of society.”
The BPA’s guide for drivers, Know Your Parking Rights, covers many thorny issues but does not cover parking perpendicularly in a Smart car. And until Smart car-specific legislation is drawn up, it seems drivers are safer erring on the side of caution, and parallel, rather than perpendicularly, parking their cars.
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I would have challenged him/her and said where does it say that then? But there again I’m a goby type especially with know-alls (who are usually wrong) like that…