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Parrot 9100 car kit: what I don't like

  • the speakers are 20 cm behind my ears, in fact they are in the back, why are they not in the front?
  • to start playing an mp3 from USB takes a long time, first you have to start the Twizy in two key movements, than you have to wait for the Parrot to start, than it responds a little slow while it is syncing with your iPhone, than you have to navigate to USB, folders, than a certain folder, than a song…, why doesn’t it restart playing where it stopped last time when I start my Twizy?
  • I love to drive my Twizy with music when the sun is shining but than I cannot read the screen :frowning:
  • there is no radio receiver

Any suggestions?


Bit late now. Just fit bluetooth speakers, mine starts playing quicker than the car starts.
Speaker position is not great, too loud in the back when good in the front. Too loud outside the car if you do not turn it back down when going slow.

Are those speakers really that loud?

I was basing it on my setup, not the Parrot setup. But as the speakers are in the same place it should be a fair comparison. My wife! is the one that tells me it is too loud and that is how she can hear me coming home. When my son and were working on the drive next to the Twizy we used the setup to play music. It was plenty loud enough without it being on full.

I suppose with bigger and better drive units the volume can be lower. I did like your idea of using the roof as a bass drive. I’d love to try something like that before splashing out. The Twizy roof looks ideal.

I was looking at the woowe pro cos its bluetooth, but before spending the cash I want to maybe try a standard wowee to see if it fitts the bill. Just need someone with a wowee speaker to let me borrow it. So far nobody has made themselves known to me.

My wife discovered a way to start playing mp3’s without having to navigate all the menu’s.
Just press the play button twice and the Parrot starts to play mp3’s from the USB stick at random…

I play music from my Nokia Lumia 800 (windows 7.5). when I switch off the Twizy the “pause” is automatic (from Spotify too).
When I am ready to enjoy my Twizy again I only need to press “play” and it starts from where I last stoped