Parrot Mki9100 Installation Pictures

Finally got around to fitting the Parrot MKi9100 to my Twizy :slight_smile:
This is exactly the same kit that comes in the Official Renault Kit.
Mine cost £120 from Halfords but can be got cheaper online.
Speakers cost me £15 and the Adaptor cables were a couple of quid.
You don’t get the screen enclosure but it will fit with the parrot mount that comes in the kit.
You also have the added advantage that the screen can be easily removed if required.

First job was to fit the Brackets that I made
The brackets are held in place with one self Tapping screw and then held with Cable Ties.

The speaker wiring is already in place but they have Renault Connectors and my speakers had Prongs.
A quick search on Ebay and I bought some adaptor cables so no cutting was needed.
The bracket template I made is available on this Forum if anyone wants to make their own :smiley:
Then I fitted the microphone and screen, I secured both with self Tapping screws.
Next job was to remove the Glovebox…
The other excellent tutorial on this site showing the official Kit being fitted shows the Lid Pins being removed which is a Pain.
But you do not need to do this if you have a Allen Key Type Torx, the Box can be removed with the Lid in Place.
All the electrical connectors just plugged in to the Parrot unit.
After a bit of head scratching I mounted the Parrot unit on the Left Side Chassis member using 50mm Velcro tape.
The Kit really works well! :smiley:
Hope this might help anyone else looking to save a few quid over the official Renault Kit :slight_smile:


For those interested here is the Speaker Template again that I posted a while ago :smiley:

You might need to adjust the Speaker Cutout / Holes to suit the speakers that you buy.
Hope this helps someone.


you should make a load out of cheap sheet at like a tenner a pair, I think you have quite a few that would want the brackets, as they don’t seem to be able to be ordered on their own as there is not a part number.

Good idea that-I would have bought some as the bracket were the thing holding me back from fitting something.

Could be a Europe-wide business in that :idea:

Hi @Normsthename,

Any chance you remember/have photos of how you ran the microphone wire? I’ve installed the parrot mki9000 (no need for screen) but can’t figure out how to get the cable from under the glove box to above my head without being visible. Did you remove any interior panels?

It was dead easy with the microphone cable.
I took the cable out of the glove box and then ran it up the left hand door pillar.
You will find that you can get under the plastic lip (at the top if I remember)
Just put the cable under the plastic and then run it down to the glove box


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In case anyone else gets stuck here, here’s a photo of where I was able to fit my cable to the glovebox. I then ran the cable toward the windshield and pushed under the trim as others described.