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Parts for sale

For sale -

I have just sourced some spare parts that came off a project car. I needed some bits - so thought I would pick them up and make sure they got back into the Twizy community.

2 x door deflectors for twizy without doors.
Various OEM indicators.
Red 55mm fog / 55mm grey indicator (hella)
4 x mudguard- could be used to make wider mudguard for bigger wheels.
2 wingmirrors
1 glove box left side lid.
Rear numberplate bumper
Broken charger flap
1 x rear light - cracked - might use the insides to make a tron light or something if it can be split open.
Some rubber gasket i presume for wind deflectors.

Would be good if anyone wants to make custom skirts- rear diffuser or mudguards for wider wheels.

Came of car used for project - a new Twizy - but unfortunately picked up storage marks.

Ideally local pickup in Essex - but happy to post worldwide required.

Edit - some parts now sold.

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I’m interested in the mudguards. Can you PM a price and where abouts in the country are you.

Hello, i’m interested in the 4 indicating lights, please let me know how to purchase them, how much if for the pair of fog lights?

Oh, I didn’t see the clear indicators.
Before you sell them you can take a close up and note down the part number and make for the forum?

As below…indicator options!

I have made up some wiring looms - as the hella and farba are slightly different. The hella can use normal crimp terminals - but as Renault used fuel injector connectors…who knows why…i sourced some of these to make some 2 way connectors.

I got the smoked see through indicators from boltonbits 2 delivered for £24 - the connectors were £14 - so £38 for two new lights.

I want to compare them to the morette ones which as they are LED throw the Serv light without a inline resistor - and are quite yellow…but I like the futuristic look - and if it good enough for Oakley it good enough for me!

Got a few bulbs and combos to try out when the rain stops!

This is the adaptor I made. The circle comes with the hella smoked light - I have added the tails with the connector to go into the oem harness

Love the gif you make too. Very clever and simple way of making short video snapshot.

Hi…I’m interested in the deflectors if they are still available?