Passed MOT but in need of a pair of rear pads


My Twizy passed it’s first MOT with 12.000 miles on it’s original brake pads but I will soon need to replace the rear ones as told by my local independent garage. The front pads are apparently in very good condition.

I have seen several topics on new pads, including someone making pads for Twizy. Can you please advise me where or who can get me a nice pair of rear pads!

Thanks in advance.

You can buy them on eBay. Just type in Renault twizy brake pads.


I will have a look at he the price.

Yes eBay £21 approx.
I use Borg and beck make.fronts are cheaper approx £18
Just type twizy pads.

Don’t forget our very own @Lightly supplies the pads and if local will fit as well.