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Paxster delivery vehicles

It seems there’s a relatively new delivery vehicle from Norway called Paxster that rivals the Twizy cargo. Looks like it’s a heavy quad EV with motorbike style controls and a top speed of 60kph dowhill with the wind behind you. Looks like a Sevcon based design too judging by the app that Bjorn was using with it.

I can see these being popular for last mile parcel deliveries and if @kennethnilsen69 gets his hands on one, more fun to drive too.

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ideal for local deliveries but the lack of price on the website usually means $$$$ which will prevent a wider rollout , a rollover looks more likely :rofl:

I think these are aimed at national fleets like DHL, Royal Mail and the like who can leverage some discount when buying 100’s of them. But yes, I would imagine they’re not cheap and they don’t look that stable around corners. Certainly not Renault Sport tuned suspension!

reminds me of a funtech 350 i had about 20 years ago albeit it was petrol :grinning: