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Pedestrian Buzzer

According to another Twizy owner there is a pedestrian warning bleeper. This emits a beeping sound to warn people you are coming. This is not in the owners hand book downloadable from the Renault site. So if your car starts to beep and it is not an error check you have not caught the switch shown here.

Thanks Russell

[attachment=0:4x0u2uyo]Twizy pred buzzer.png[/attachment:4x0u2uyo]

Yep, can confirm that the Twizy does indeed have a pedestrian buzzer. Just twist the second ring on the left stalk and it emits a warning noise. However, much more effective is the horn. My god is it loud! Louder than most other cars!!

Good job as the predestination buzzer is a bit quiet.

I can confirm this is correct after spending a day searching for said cause :oops: but agree the horn is much better :twisted: