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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Peugeot Ion

Saw one of these yesterday, and was shocked how it immediately reminded me of the Twizy, with its narrow footprint.
The car looked superb to be honest, and was a real shock, as we dont get cars like this around these parts:).
Perhaps you guys see them more often around London at least.
Just googled it though, and the price is £26200 without options, sure is a lot of money, not sure if the £5K rebate still applies, but still an awful lot of money for a tiny car.
Manufacturers are going to have to up there game on the price front for the public to start buying in any volume.

I wouldn’t say they remind me of a Twizy, but they do look nice, especially in matte black like I’ve seen in London.

I think there are 3 manufacturers who put their badge on this car. The Mitsubishi iMiev, the Citröen CZero and then this one. But you’re right, extremely expensive. Who would buy one of these for this price when there are some amazing cars around for £25,000.

Seen these now used for £11,000. Heating, sound system, four seats… I think the range is 80miles and it is an extended SMART for 2 chassis. Says it takes 8hrs to charge on the standard plug. Assume there is no battery rental so could be more cost effective than a ZOE… just a thought!