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Phone Call from Renault

Received a phone call from Renault today, asking me a few questions about how I rated the Twizy and battery rental agreement.
Just wondering if anyone else has had this ?

Not yet-but I don’t answer if its with-held or an area code I do not recognise as the business gets 10+ sales calls per day >:(

What were the questions?

Yes I got one. I listened and the caller explained that as an early adopter of the battery lease they had been asked by Renault to find out how it was received and whether there was any feedback.

I thought what a good opportunity to get my thoughts on the process back to Renault and the BIG one was how do we get a battery capacity upgrade when they are available?..

The caller promised to pass on my question to Renault Leasing

All in all it was a professional follow up that surprised me a little as I would normally just hang up on such a call.

Similar here really, I asked how long he expected Renault to continue the lease deal, they are going to get back to me.