Phone holder

I am using my iphone to display GPS infos and also to use the IOS app for my Powerbox BT.
Currently I use a magnetic holder but due to the vibrations, the phone keeps falling.
I saw beautiful 3D printed phone holder pictures on the web (some of them are for the Twizplay but could be easily adapted for an iPhone) but was unable to find the corresponding stl files.
Do anybody have them?
Thanks a lot.

I use a magnetic holder and it’s rock solid. What kind do you have?

Mine was only a cheap one off eBay. Metal plate is on the inside of the phone case.

I have suction holder and works realy good

Thanks a lot for your answers.
Maybe it’s bad luck but I always had problems with magnetic holders: when I put the magnetic plate inside the cover the attraction is not strong enough and if I put it outside it doesn’t adhere well to silicon.
And suction holder always fall particularly in summer when the weather is very hot here in Montpellier.
So since my last post I managed to find some stl files on in that thread
As I don’t have a 3d printer I always use 3D hubs to print my parts so I did it for this project too.
The man in charge of prints suggested not to use PLA or ABS so that the parts can resist UV, temperature and humidity but rather to print them using ASA even if it’s more expensive.
I followed his advice, the parts were finished yesterday and they are on their way to me.

The 3D parts are intended to be used with a Brodit Proclip phone holder (you must choose the model according to your smartphone model). Luckily I already have a Brodit Proclip for my iPhone.
When I receive the parts and get the holder mounted in my Twizy, I will post images of the result.
Of course this solution is rather expensive but I was very worried of having the phone falling at a very bad moment and unfortunately I tend to loose a lot of my driving abilities when something unexpected happen while I am driving !