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Pick my Twizy up soon

Hi all,A few months ago I took a Twizy for a test drive and decided I had to have one.
I was going to buy one in march of next year, but then the Twizy I took for a test drive in went up for sale. The price was agreed, and I pick her up in a week time.My insurance quote was £316 from ensure, my wife has a BMW 3 M sports Coupe, and pays about £400, seems a bit on the high side, but when I asked about my soon to be 17 and driving son, it rocketed to over £3600! We’ll sort that out later.
I’m interested in the official windows, and have been watching the posts with interest, I live 1000 feet above sea level in Yorkshire, so it’s not as warm or dry here as I’d like, but I bought it for a summer toy.
I have a few mods I want to do, rear facing camera, parking sensors, lights.
Nestofdragons didn’t have much luck with the rear brake lights, but the indicators should be fine. I’m also thinking about replacing e headlights with HID xenon ones, which run at 35w not 55w.
What suggestions would you make to me, given your experiences so far? I’ve bought heated gloves, a squeegee, and the Argos waterproof extension lead. The car already has Bluetooth, nets and mudflats.
Twizy time in 8 days!

Sounds good to me. I live in the Peak District and haven’t gone for Window, or heat gloves Yet. I have a big Motorcycle coat I’ll wear when very cold (Today if I wasn’t in London). ordinary gloves are fine as the wind screen keeps the wind off. The heated gloves will be good for any passengers.

Lightly has a heated coat that looks good.

What were you trying to do to the rear lights?

As these 12V bits run from a separate battery they don’t affect the range, unless you leave them on and then the 12V battery gets topped up from the traction battery. As the 12V battery gets recharged at the same time as the main one it doesn’t get that flat. well mine hasn’t driving to and from work in the dark this week.

Enjoy it and then add bits if required.

Great stuff-hope you love it!

If using mainly as a summer toy, leave the windows until you have used it for a while. I would have had them straight off, but after using it without have found there to be disadvantages to windows as well as advantages-you have to defrost/clear them off before driving, you can’t rest your arm on the ledge, you can’t open them, they spoil the look somewhat and they have not been crash tested.

I have seen deflectors http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190741176536?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 which may suit me better, in conjunction with the extended flaps.

Why a rear camera AND sensors? Why either? Drive it first-you pull nose into the kerb in a tight space and if unsure, can lift the scissor door to lean out and look behind anyway!

Lights-I would not bother, the fitted lights are superb and far better than I imagined. I usually fit winter +90% bulbs which are equally as good as aftermarket xenon kits in my experience, without the hassle, heat and alignment issues. Use the standard lights then decide-I decided to leave well alone as they see further than the 53mph top speed. A rear fog light, maybe?

I use an old teatowel and the heated screen/wiper, rather than a squeegee, standard bike gloves are overkill as there is no draught. The manual advises against any extension leads as being a fire risk-you’re supposed to plug in direct!

The Twizy is much more useful and usable than I thought and I would strongly recommend using it for what you will use it for, before buying stuff :wink:

Re the rear LED lights, I’m trying to lower the power consumption of the second battery, plus Leds react faster. 200 times faster, that’s about 15 feet at 50 MPH, or two twizy lengths. http://chemistry.beloit.edu/BlueLight/pages/hp/an1155-3.pdf
The front headlights, just a bit brighter, but the ones suggested by mender look good.
Cameras and sensors, remember my 17 year old son will be driving it, belt and braces. If I could, I’d put a rubber bumber round the whole car, like a bumper car!
The rear fog light is interesting, I saw some LEDs on ebay that might work, but the lenses would need to be changed or swapped, nothing a dremel couldnt do http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-780LM-CREE-LED-Motorcycle-Auxiliary-Adventure-Fog-Driving-Lamp-Light-DRL-ATV-/181006177766?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item2a24cf15e6, but I won’t be driving it the fog, perhaps my son will though, I thought it might be of use to others though.
Coiled extension leads are a problem, mainly due to inductance, uncoiled ones are fine, Here’s the explaination http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100520125802AAs2Ufo . I already have a suitable outside mains point, it’s when I 'm out and need a recharge I’ll use the lead. I could always get a really long one and wind it round the Twizy, then I’d have heating!
I have a question though, has anyone had any experience of polishes/waxes for the Twizy? Rain-x sounds a good idea, but I’d like to keep her looking nice and shiny, well till it next rains.
Twizy in 5 days!