Planning to buy 2014 ex-demo Twizy

Hi All,
I am planning to buy a 2014 ex-demo Twizy which has not been used virtually (less than 200km on tachometer). It will be owned battery.

Do you think the performance of battery has degraded due to it has been probably sitting around long time with no charge? Apart from taking to a dealer, how to test battery health?

Any comments would be well appreciated as I could not find any info specific to Twizy in this perspective.



Welcome to the group. There is no easy way to check the traction battery and the 12V battery will be dead and need replacing.

So start by replacing the 12V battery so that the Twizy can be charged, then once fully charged see how far it will go under a known set of weather conditions and terrain. Sorry no idea where you are based.
Here in the UK it is now Wet and Cold so range is poor. but around 33-36 miles.depending on how you drive.

Many thanks Osbrook.
I have been informed that the 12V battery were recently replaced, so it must have been dead as you indicated.
I have an appointment to check the vehicle on Monday. To test the traction battery, I may not have the opportunity to drive all the way to drain out the battery completely. In that case: Would you expect the battery indicator to act in a linear way, i.e. If I take the vehicle fully charged and make 15 miles until 7 bars left on the indicator, does this mean I can make approx. 50 miles on a complete charge?

I am in Turkey where the temperature is around 20C these days : )

Depends on driving style and Hills. Aim for 40 to 50 miles for a Twizy that old.
Remember the 30/50 rule (new Twizy) drive at 50 get 30 miles range drive at 30 get 50 miles range. Not quite but you get the idea.

Rain can be worse than the cold. Water weights a lot and the tyres lift a lot of it.

Thank you
Didn’t know rain worked that way wrt range, good to know

Update for those that might be interested to know:

I bought that vehicle and drove around 200km. The traction battery seems to be ok, I get around 65-70km range in 10-15C dry weather.