Please read me before creating a For Sale post ⚠ 👀

We have a few requirements for posts created in the ‘For Sale’ category. This is to ensure that things stay consistent on the site and to make it easier for potential buyers to see the important information in your post.

Your post will not get approved unless you have followed every guideline below.

  1. Include a descriptive title. Remember, you’re trying to sell something. Write the title with this in mind.
  2. Include the price in the title.
  3. Please add a location to your post. The city/town is the bare minimum that we require. You can add a location so that your post appears on the marketplace map by pressing the Add Location button when creating your post.
  4. When adding images please use either the grid gallery or the standard image gallery. If you don’t know how to use the galleries, please see the following topic for guidance:
  1. Important: When your item is no longer for sale please flag the whole topic (the ‘Flag’ button next to the Reply button at the bottom), choose ‘Something else’ and write the moderators a note instructing that you want the topic closed. This will prevent any unwanted replies to your topic and make it easier for others to see what is still for sale.