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Plug in heaters , would you use one?

Hi folks, Im toying with bringing in some plug in mini heaters if Twizy Owners feel they’d have the need for keeping warm on the winter commutes?

Any feedback would be useful though because I have windows fitted a heater will work as the space is enclosed where as you hard core window less riders might rightly say the breeze will overcome the benefit?!

Andy there are still a lot of drafts in the car even with you windows. I presume they are 12v powered so in the winter with the lights on, wipers and your heater the 12v battery would get charged from the traction battery and shorten the range a far bit. Probably better with gloves and a big coat.

Not that it applies to me, I’ve come from a motor bike so have the coat and some good full fingered cycling gloves.

Still worth considering if you have the range to spare and don’t flatten your 12v battery as you cannot drive anywhere with out it.

I admire your solution finding attitude, you have the Twizy windows and next on the list is heating. But the traditional combustion engine is only about 20% efficient, the remaining 80% being converted to heat so cars now rely on massive amounts of excess heat to warm an uninsulated cabin. Its a real problem for EVs because we’ve come to expect a certain level of comfort yet to implement heating would consume a significant chunk of the available energy. The ironic solution would be to have a petrol powered heater, since it will convert 100% of the fuel into the energy you want, you could argue that it is more efficient than carrying around a bigger battery to do the same job, this has been already available on some EVs. Alternatively a heated Jupe , which some mopeds have, could at least keep your feet warm. But any kind of traditional automotive climate control is going against the whole ethos of what the Twizy is about (think Moped).

I agree - it is a seemingly inevitable progression for those who want to go down this path. I wouldn’t myself, but then I don’t have doors and I do have warm clothing. Personally I think if we succeed in converting the Twizy into an enclosed and draught-proof electric vehicle it’s going to be seen as a poor man’s version of a proper car, and that if what we are looking for is the most economical car, the Twizy isn’t it.

Heated gloves would be a far better option. Why heat the cabin when it is only you that will appreciate the difference? :slight_smile: That said Andy, you know the sun always shines in Glasgow!

Didn’t realise that 12V heated gloves are at least £100 more than battery ones. Home made mod looks like the order of the of day if I need heated gloves. Should be able to run a 12v to battery converter to power the gloves with out much effort. But why bother when you just waste the 12V and hence the traction battery power. May as well use a separate battery and not get tied to the car.