Polar charging points

There is a Polar charging point where I’m about to start work and a few more locally in handy places. Their website leaves something to be desired though. It seems to suggest you need to pay £7.85 a month and £1.20 each time you connect your car. Have I got that right? It seems like a lot.

It depends on the charge point.

I think it’s the rapids that charge a connection fee. A lot of the charge points are either free to use or 10p per kWh once you’ve paid the £8 subscription.

I actually think the pricing is very fair and not expensive at all.

James is right but I’d only sign up to the subscription if you’re planning on doing lots of charging at Polar points. Otherwise just use the app and pay as you go.

That’s what im thinking. I can’t see me charging more than once a week. It will be cheaper that way.

If you charge using the pay as you go app then you get charged connection fees even for standard chargers I think.

Best to get the details and do the math.

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