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Polar network / Source London?

Hey Twizers,
Has anyone signed up to the Polar network yet as I’ve read they are offering a free Home charge unit on sign up. We have just signed up to the Source London scheme.
Does anyone know if source london users are allowed to use the polar network points or do you have to sign up to another £10 annual fee charge to use them?
Any info on this appreciated in advance.

The offer of a free charge point sounds very tempting, but what are they getting out of it?!

I’m pretty sure some of the Source London points are Polar or Chargemaster points. That’s all I’m signed up to and all I need at the moment.

I doubt it includes fitting, which is most of the cost, particularly for a standard 10Amp charge point. Probably not worth it for a Twizy, though if you had an EV which could use higher charge current it might be, and I imagine that’s who they’re targetting.

So I am not missing anything charging mine in my garage with normal plug?

Mine has only ever been charged in my garage in a normal 13amp socket.