Polishing your plastic windows / roof etc

I got my T with several ugly markings on my front side windows from the aftermarket windows.

I used 600 grit and 1200 grit sand paper and then the 3M ultrafuna SE 50383 polishing paste with a polishing wheel and cotton rags

short example


its not easy boyz. You need some long polishing time to get it back to new look
Wax on, wax off!!


The process in photos

1- under flowing water used the 600 grit paper for the deep markings and then go over with the 1200 grit paper to get a very smooth mat finish

2- then get your wheel out to do the heavy work

in between

final look

bling bling

Good work and thanks for sharing.
Must say I have some scratches in my front window/wind deflector from when I used the official Renault windows, but I am too lazy to get it sorted.

cheers mate;)
Its quite the work getting those out but you can do it on the T;)

Hey sorry for the off topic, I can’t find the edit post button. One of my images got a wrong ending (instead of IMG it got a JPG)

Thank you for sharing this good job.

I made a video that shows the efficiency of the anti-scratch treatment on the polycarbonat plate. A good criterion when you choose side windows !

scratch test on polycarbonat plates

Merci mom ami!
I hav subscribed to your YouTube channel. Your guides and videos are an asset to any Twizy owner.

I just saw your video, you comparison makes perfect sense as the makrolon polycarbonate is a much harder substamce. Hence it scratches harder but also polishes even harder since polishing is actually very very very fine scratching;))))

My acrylic windows now look absolutely new;)