Possible HV battery issue with new Smart Fortwo EQ

Plugged the Smart in at home to charge last week and was met with a red flashing light on the car’s charging point and a red error message on the screen stating Error bring to workshop! or words to that effect. I little alarming on a 3 month old car. Unplugged re-inserted the same warning, the car still drove but would not charge and the app reported a charging error.
I went in and called my Mercedes dealer who booked it in for a service diagnostic check for the following day.

Went back out to the car to get a picture of the error message and the red socket light was no longer flashing turned the car on and there was no error message. On removing the charging lead and re-inserting it, it was back to normal.

I went in for the diagnostic check and there were some fault codes. I was told that there service manuals advised to re-apply some software to see if the codes clear on retesting, which they did. However I was told if the symptoms occur again they will change the HV battery.

All is well now so, watch this space.

A little worrying, although I’ve not seen anything similar so maybe a one-off and hopefully re-applying the software will fix it.

Hi @EV_Smart,
We had a similar issue with our Forfour EQ, after 6 months of complaining and multiple visits to the Mercedes dealership they took the car in to replace the battery. The battery replacement took another 5 or 6 months (we had a loan EQ during this period). We have the car back now and so far no issues.
When we had the error the car would not start/move, you had to lock it and leave it for a while before it would let you start again!
What charger are you using at home?

I’m just using the domestic 3 pin charger that came with the car as I’ve not got around to having a wall box fitted. To be fair the dealership seemed pretty efficient, they took me through what they had seen and done and said if it happens again it would take around a week for the battery to arrive and 1-2 days to have it fitted.

I do know that with electrical components if they are going to go wrong it will usually be within the first few months when things heat up and cool down, this exposes weak components and poor connections. Otherwise it will be many years before components go wrong.

We had our issue again and again and took the car in for diagnostics, they first said there was nothing wrong and eventually after the nth visit they reported that a fault was being shown. We also wrote to Mercedes / Daimler who were not interested (and it seemed they didn’t understand what was being said) and eventually told us the case was closed and they were not going to discuss it further.
I was only the involvement of the service manager at the Mercedes dealer after months of complaining that pushed it along.
So, hopefully your dealership will live up to their promises. If they don’t and you need any info let me know.

@EV_Smart It’s likely that your car completely ‘went to sleep’ (as most EVs do) during the time that you got out of your car, walked into the dealership and walked back to your car. After a bit of testing I noticed that it takes about 2 minutes for my EQ to fully shut down after locking the car, and our Zoe’s roughly the same. So this could well explain why the problem had gone away when you tried to show it to the dealership.

Just keep an eye on it and, like others have said, take it back if it happens again. It could well be your wall socket at home, though. I’ve tried to use my 230VAC EQ charging cable on an un-earthed socket and although it was powered on, the car wouldn’t even attempt to charge (which is actually a positive sign!). And a couple of times, our Zoe has complained and refused to charge after I’ve tried to use a public charging station which hasn’t been installed properly. It’s happened twice so far - the installation didn’t have the required fuses in use so the charging station shut itself down when it tried to draw 22kW and the car then has a hissy fit. Again, letting it shut own completely and then starting things up again will allow it to recharge again.

Thanks Stuart,

I’ve not had a wall box fitted yet so I pretty much always charge from a domestic 240v socket, i think I’ve used a fast charger a couple of times to make sure it worked.

If anything happens I’ll post it. Still loving the car though.

Spoke too soon … the Smart reported the ‘take to workshop’ error the other day, first time since the new battery was installed. Email sent to Mercedes/Smart dealership over a week ago and no reply as yet :frowning:

That’s not good news. How long ago was the battery changed?

It was replaced just before Christmas.
From this I assume the fault wasn’t actually anything to do with the battery, they (eventually) reported a fault found on their diagnostic kit and presumably Smart HQ said that was the way to go.
Shame we are having these problems as otherwise we love the car. But if you can’t rely on it starting when you really need to get to school, A&E etc etc what can you do!

Will it not start or do you just get a warning? Mine gave me a warning but would still drive, it just wouldn’t charge.

Usually we get the warning and it won’t start, if you leave it 10 or 15 mins it will then start.

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Same thing happened to me and myEQ ForTwo, which has only done just over 1000 miles. Mercedes sent out their recovery service and he managed to charge up the 12v battery and advised if it happened again it would need to go to the workshop.

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Had mine two years nearly and never encountered this issue thankfully.

Our issues (see above) still continues, we are now pursuing this with the Motor Ombudsman with a view to rejecting the car. As I say, lovely car but if you can’t rely on it and Mercedes/Smart are apparently not interested in doing any detailed investigation (or not sharing it with us if they are) we no longer want it.
@EV_Smart how are you getting on with your issues?
@Shadow please keep us posted.

I feel for you , also suffered with cars from Renault and Smart/Mercedes over the years. Locally on the Isle of Wight and Southampton.

BMW were the only decent dealer with the I3 but I sold it last year :sweat_smile:

Thanks @m1n1s.
Yes, it all depends on the local dealer franchise being interested in supplying a good service and fighting the manufacturer on your behalf doesn’t it.
The dealership mostly failed as i’m sure they have better things to do than look after us with our little Smart that refuses to start when you need it most.
And when contacting Mercedes directly as we had to, they were essentially rude and shut the case without our agreement (after doing almost nothing).
I better stop there :unamused:

@EV_Smart, how are you getting on with your issues?

Sorry it’s taken so long for an update the site has not been sending me notifications.

The car has been running perfectly with no issues whatsoever. I’ve also been on what is for me the longest trip in one go of 90 miles. Got home with 6% remaining. Speeds of up to 70mph although with traffic it averaged out to 45 mph (2 hours). It was not intended but I had a brain malfunction and followed google without thinking, with meant adding 30 miles to my journey to save 5 minutes.

Stay safe everyone.