Possible Replacement Battery Source?


I met this VERY interesting company at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week - Electric Classic Car Co - and had a look around their simply outstanding work. Many of you may have seen the Electric VW Beetle test that Robert Llewellyn of Fully Charged YouTube fame did last year and I was impressed by what he thought of it. Well these guys had an Electric Beetle, Electric 911 and a to-be-converted original Fiat 500 on the stand and the quality of their work is truly amazing. They typically use Tesla batteries and as we know, these pack one heck of a punch. The converted cars are all able to go probably twice as far as you’d expect and the Fiat 500 is expected crack 10secs to 60mph - the Beetle 6secs…

I asked about the possibility of building a replacement Twizy battery that would give us double the distance and they said that is sounds entire reasonable and do-able, at a price. Seems I wasn’t the first to ask about the Twizy that day either. The chap said he would need to learn some more about the BMS, but was pretty confident that something could be done.

The first car would be the costly one of course, but if enough of us were up for the idea and the prospect of being able to cancel the battery lease and hand the thing back to RCI was compelling enough, then we might have a decent way forward perhaps. Considering we’re already spending £540/year typically, I’d be willing to consider spending a few £1000’s to get out of bed with RCI and have a Twizy that could perhaps do 100-130 miles on a charge, with no ongoing costs.

Clearly early days, but a mouth-watering prospect all the same I’d say.


I’d be willing to work with people on this to arrive at a solution for Twizy owners in this forum


Yeah count me in. Had Twizy for a year now and would love an upgrade. Worth asking about possible faster charging as well. Not rapid just 7kw would help.

Based on 2011/12 battery tech and the speed it has moved forward is there any guess at how much extra range would be.

To be really feasible at the cost of probably a few thousand you would want hopefully 80 to 100 miles to justify. Is this achievable in the relatively small battery space?

I’ve registered my interest with them and will keep in touch to see what makes. Not quite ready to ship my Twizy to them with an open cheque just yet, but the prospect is compelling to say the least…

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Me too, but hopefully the on board charging system would need to be upgraded because it’s all very well replacing the battery but that isn’t all that powers and controls the Twizy as we know.

Kenneth is the man to consult on here - maybe we could get both of them talking to each other?


I am also interested, can they already estimate a price and make en theoretical calculation of the benefits?

Only just seen this thread! And missed them myself at FoS, but would also sign up for the extra range if the price was right.


This one looks like it’s ready for it…

Hey there. You talkabout a battery for twizy. Is it ready?? Do you have the specs for the battery? Greetings. Klaas

Hi everyone, (I apologize for my English, I’m using google translator). I’m about to buy a used 80 color twizy and I’m very interested in upgrading the battery for more autonomy. If you are organizing a buying group please also enter my name: [email protected] (Italy)