Possibly a first? Twizy on Rolling Road

Hi all,

I borrowed a friends Twizy for the weekend (previously owned by another member on here) and followed him to a rolling road day to see how much power his 335i was making after a recent remap. We wondered if the Twizy would fit on the rollers and as we knew the owner we managed to try it out and get a quick power run!

Photos and results below… (we also found an Italian friend after!)

As you can see, the car is showing more than the quoted power from factory and this is due to an Elia ‘tuning box’ which has been fitted or flashed to the car (not exactly sure!) The revs on the graph are not representative, but the operator assures us the power is correct!

Thanks for reading.

Brilliant Max, woudl love to get mine on there with Kenneth’s Power Box fitted. I too am in Surrey.

so nice :heart_eyes:

That is awesome!

Is the yellow on your Twizy Liquid yellow? Where did you get it done or was it a factory job?.. it looks fantastic! :smile:

Yes it is, not sure who had it done - it wasn’t us or the previous owner but any good bodyshop would be able to give you a quote.

I’m sure Charlie @ SRR would run the car for you, he usually does a £40 Saturday every month. Follow them on facebook for details.