Potential new owner here

Hi everyone,

Been looking on here for about a week to get some background info on the Twizy and I finally drove one on Saturday and loved the experience.

I am moving house, and the wife and I share the main car, an Audi SQ5, whilst I can walk to the station. Where we are moving to I will need to drive to a station so thought an electric car would fit the bill and the Twizy could do the job.

We will be living in Rainham in Kent and I will drive to Ebbsfleet each day, around 16 miles each way, with the option of going on the A2, which may be too fast a road or taking the back roads which are slower and add a few minutes drive on.

I was looking at a new Dynamique, which they have just changed the model name too, with windows, doors, sky roof, mudflaps and parking sensors.

The station does not have a charge point at the moment, but a 32 mile round trip sounds like it will be fine on a single charge.

Do you think going for a new car is madness and I should find a 2nd hand instead? Also, do you think that the Zoe is worth a look as well, my wife would certainly prefer that, but its more money and probably more than I need it for, her argument is that it will be useful if we need to take our 18 month daughter out in it for example.

Cheers guys

Welcome to the forum. The Twizy (with one Z) will even in Winter do your round trip. Even if the station puts in a EV charge point it will have the wrong connector for the Twizy which only requires a simple 3 pin socket.

The Spec you have chosen is very nice (I don’t like the windows but…) Kids love the Twizy. However a Zoe can be had on PCP for approx £135 per month for two years including battery rental Might be a bit more for your mileage say £150/m. The Zoe is a nice car but not as much fun.

Parking sensor on such a short car may be overkill but you know your driving better than any one else. With no windows and doors that go straight up you can see behind well enough while reversing. Remember the Twizy will fit sideways in a standard parking space.

Hi Osbrook,

Sorry for my typo, such a newbie error to make!

I am looking at paying cash outright for it, so the only ongoing costs will be the battery. Looking at around 7k miles per annum I think taking into account holidays / working from home etc.

The windows were more for the winter months and when parked up just feel like they will act as slightly more of a deterrent from attention / people taking a car park sticker from the dash for example.

The sensors were also really just thinking about rear vision, I did try going backwards with the doors open on Sat but didn’t feel I still had the vision that I would ideally want.

I imagine there is a whole rack of info on here for me to find about parking, there are probably some free parking perks we get with the car as well.

My demo was amazing btw - had such a grin and people were taking photos of the car as well (I was in Canterbury).

The Twizy (with one z) is certainly a fun car. I’ve always said treat it as a “toy” rather than a serious commuter car. In this weather it’s tremendous but come winter it’s more trying. Also 32 miles round trip in the winter with lights etc will be border line, depending on how you drive, of course.
I have to agree with your wife, a Zoe makes more sense. And with some fantastic deals going, it’s very attractive. But for fun you can’t beat the Twizy. It will always bring a smile to your face. And if you decide on a Twizy, DON’T buy new. Depreciation sucks. You can pick up bargain secondhand Twizys.

Sorry - corrected my spelling now, just realised that I can edit my original post

Thanks Askho - It feels like a heart / mind battle on this one, sensible vs. fun, maybe I can find a secondhand one which is cheap enough to let me get that and a Zoe :wink:

Ckeck out the secondhand market, say like on AutoTrader. For not a lot of money you can have a Twizy and you will not regret it.
In my case it was definitely a “heart” thing. When I saw the Twizy I knew I had to have one. But owning it also makes me realize it’s also a “mind” thing. I use it virtually everyday to run around in, for short local journeys. It’s perfect for it and it saves my ICEs. Short journeys kill ICEs for fuel consumption and wear.

Great plan. It’s not the initial cost but the on going Battery rental that kills these deals.

The Twizy is fun and copes well in the Snow. You have a second ‘real’ car, so the Twizy is a fun car which makes you feel good because it doesn’t burn Fossil fuels ( EV’s burn less fossil fuels). Your journey to being more Green while being practical and enjoyable.

Perhaps you should consider the Parrot Sound kit if you are going to be travelling 32 miles a day. Compared to where I live (Peak District) Kent is flat and so should manage 32 miles in winter. For the last 3 winters I have not dropped below 3 miles range, however I have few fast roads, just a big steep hill. Mine is used everyday regardless of the weather.

How do you guys find it on A roads as well? I was thinking that my driving at 52mph compared to the 60-70 of the slowest cars around me could feel quite intimidating and also annoy a lot of drivers stuck behind me and then having to overtake.

Maybe its not as big a deal as I think, a bit like a cyclist on a road and drivers just go past when they can.

Do you know if there is a good way to view Renault’s 2nd hand stock? A look on their website only brought up a few cars, but the dealer on Sat mentioned that there are dozens available.


I wouldn’t worry about annoying people with your “speed”. I find other drivers are very accommodating to the Twizy. When they pass me they are always smiling, thumbs up, taking photos etc. Of course I am also considerate by drivng quite near the curb to give people room.
If you intend to drive at 52 mph (max) most of the way, your range will drop to about 30 miles. That’s why I said your 32 miles is borderline.

On A roads the Twizy may appear slow on the straights but will leave all behind when the roads starts to bend and twisty roads are where the Twizy comes into it’s own. It can fit though gaps other cars wouldn’t attempt so on B roads it is even quicker.

For second hand, look for a Twizy less than 4 years old (they all are) as they will still have some warranty left. Try the usual places Autotrader, Ebay etc. There is no benefit of getting one form a Renault dealer until the warranty expires. Make sure there is a ZE dealer near you so you can get it serviced.

Put a wanted on here!

Thanks would only be about 10 miles on the A road, if that, and the other option takes me down the slower lanes so not too much of a problem

Had a look on autotrader and Renault’s site - not that many available and mostly duplicates and certainly not quite with the spec I am after, but its only day one of looking

Summer is probably not a good time to look for a Twizy as most owners are having too much fun to consider selling. Winter is better. Almost like looking for a convertible.

1 day!

There are only 400 Twizys registered in the UK so there will be duplicates. The roof will be the hardest thing to find on a second hand Twizy. The rest are addons, with a number of third party alternatives. ie. Alloy Wheels, Sound systems, Windows (hard and flexible), reversing sensors, wraps and mats.

Transport of a Twizy is reasonable easy, they fit is the back of a Transit van or even on an unbraked trailer. There are a number of delivery companies about, look on here how new owners got their cars to them.

I have had my Twizy 2 months now and I love it just sooo much fun. I use it every day for work and travel to and from Chesterfield twice a week. Taff the dog loves riding around in it must be the gaps that he can pop his nose out of. I bought mine purely for putting on the front of my boat but now if faced with a choice of my cars its Le Twiz first. I bought mine just a few month old for 4700 squids so bargains are out there just keep on looking


Had mine 3 weeks now. Got it with doors, windows and modified so it has more torque and tops out at 57mph. It’s also in liquid yellow/black…cost 3900 with 5000 on the clock and just under 2 years old.

Get one bought, they’re a real laugh and if anything other traffic is too slow if you keep the speed up. Obviously it’s a different story on the motorway but I still find myself overtaking.

Thanks guys - MRS I take it that is easy to do, but invalidates any warranty?

I looked at a Zoe a couple of weeks ago, they’ve upped the cost to £160, and have a 5 month wait

wow 5 months!!! That is a serious wait for a car