Potential New Twizy Owner - Range Enquiry

Good morning

First post, be gentle.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a Twizy ever since they came out.
A long time Renaultsport fan, I’m looking for the Twizy to be a second car.

I’d plan on using the Twizy for weekend use predominantly but would also like to use it for the daily commute every now and again (fair weather).

I have the obligatory range query in regards my 30-33 miles round trip commute.

I can do it in two ways -
a) 29 miles of 50 mph dual carriageway, with 4 miles of 40mph / 30 mph.
b) 15 miles of 50 mph dual carriageway, with 8 miles @ 30mph and 7 miles @ 40mph.

Naturally there will be parts of both where there will be stops and slow moving traffic, so it won’t all be “at speed”.

Can the Twizy do both on a single charge? I currently have no charging point at my work.

Another couple of queries:

Is the rear seat okay for a child booster seat (the kind that is normally secured by seat belt)?

What is the average electricity cost per mile people are seeing?

Thanks in advance
Hopefully I get myself into one soon!


Hi Craig,


I would say that all of your scenarios would work fine. I find the range is better in stop start / town / village / city work as you can coast more and regen on the hills and braking.

If you upgrade to the power box you can increase the regen rate

I did 38 miles of dual carriage way and town on one charge and had 5 mile range left.

Do not forget that you could run an extension lead out the window at work and give it a quick juice up if needed, that way you could drive over 50mph and not worry (the power box allows the car to do 60 mph +

Where are you based? If near Guildford Surrey you can have a go in my car.

It is peanuts to charge.

Do not know about the booster but assume you could fit something. There is no isofix and one seatbelt in the back.

I have 6 cars and hardly ever use anything other than the Twizy now…it is only a few weeks old to me so that may wear off as the weather gets colder.

re your round trip commute of 30-33 miles.
I would say your 1st way is borderline. There is a very loose rule for range : the 30/50 rule. Basically if you do 30mph you may get a range of 50 miles. If you do 50mph you will only get a range of 30 miles. Of course a lot of other factors to take into consideration, road condition, weather, temp, use of lights or wipers etc. And don’t forget winter (cold temp) can easily knock 20% off the range.

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I took his “round trip” to include both ways i.e. 15 / 17 miles each way…if not it would not be round trip?

I would happily do any journey of 30 miles in mine one way as long as I could charge before the return but that would be 60 miles “round trip”

Yes my total daily round trip is 30-33 miles depending on which route I take.
Sounds like option b) should be pretty safe and to be honest I’d prefer that option in a Twizy any way.

Much more fun on normal B roads. It is a nice way to drive as you focus on when you can coast and when to regen or brake etc…I made it over 30 miles in town and open road driving only touching the brakes once and just using 350 / 1000 regen to slow down and read the road ahead.

Over 1000 miles my electricity cost has been 2.5p per mile.

This was with the PowerBox in Sport mode and I live in a hilly area.

Taking it steadier I reckon you could achieve under 2p per mile.


not bad compared to 38 pence per mile on my diesel Range Rover then! And the depreciation could buy me a Twizy every year outright!

Another question - is the Twizy something that can live outdoors?
If so, what precautions must be taken?

Craigl, a child seat booster usually fits, but will push the position of the child forward. This becomes a problem if you are tall and if driver seat must be pushed back all the way. Also, please consider that if you do not have windows, wind is much stronger in the back. If you have windows, that one is solved but is a bit hotter in the summer.

If the Twizy is left out in the ope then the following are issues regardless of windows:
Sticking throttle - very scary
Lots of condensation that dips on you.
In winter battery range is reduced
Hazard light switch is prone to fail
Biggie - brakes more likely to stick or seize.

It needs a cover for the winter. It also needs to be used all weathers. Twizy is good in the snow and a lot of fun.

It’s okay, I have a garage which I will likely use mostly for the Twizy, but there are times it might be left on the drive overnight.
Do I need a charger port installed or will my garage three pin socket be okay?

Are windows a must?
Looks like they are, even though I’d only use it in dry weather.
Renault ones worthwhile or not? Saw the Korean ones which look good!

Ive found out Renault have 9 being delivered in the week or so, so may well find myself in a new one in 2 weeks time.

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I have had my Twizy over 7 years now and never felt the need for Windows in the UK. Too noisy and spoil the access. I do have doors.

There is a lot to be said to having a good quality 3 pin socket and preferably on it’s on spur. However Garage circuits are not usually shared with any thing else. Just make sure the Socket you are using is good quality and has not been abused. Loose connections to the Twizy plug can cause a lot of heat and lead to melting or a fire. The socket may be fine for a few minutes running a kettle but not for 3 hours charging a Twizy. Just keep your eye on it and feel the temp for the first few charges.

Totally agree with @osbrook. I have the Renault windows and they are useless, so I never use them. Creates more wind noise and inconvenience. Must say the Korean ones look better.
The Twizy was designed without windows and you will be surprised how draught free it is on the move without them. You don’t even get wet on the move if it rains. Can’t say anything about being a passenger at the back though. Never been there.
I drive in the winter without windows. Just get wrapped up nicely with gloves and it’s not a problem at all.

CraigI…do you know which dealer/dealers these 9 Twizys are going to?

Are these not the 10 Now 9 Twizys that move around the Dealers? No a load more.

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Those are they… now 9 as I bought the 10th :):sunglasses: just awaiting delivery of the beast.

All I was told was there was 10 in the ‘UK resource’. They didn’t divulge where they were other than they are obviously down south.

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They are on the Renault network available for dealerships to get their hands on.
If I go ahead I’m getting mine in Aberdeen.

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I hope the dealers up there are more interested in selling you one than mine were. Bit of a battle.
Had to pay upfront, as in before they would even order it, as they said if I changed my mind they would never be able to flog it on…

Nothing like instilling confidence in the brand!

I called a few dealers down south and they were very happy to sell me one. I just didn’t fancy having to travel down with a trailer to get it. One quoted me £500 to deliver it… riiiiiight

I just get the impression in the very near future they will be discontinued in this country, never had dealers unwilling to flog me a car before. There is obviously reasons for that outlook.

We shall see!

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I doubt I’ll have any such problems, I’ve ordered my last few Renaultsport’s through this dealer. They’ve been helpful, but honest.
Did you get any discount? I’ve been told there is nothing to give, but they did offer the Electric July £250 off.

What colour are you getting?
There are white’s, blacks and blue’s remaining in the 9.
Not sure where I’d land.