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Potential owner checking in

Greetings from Bristol. :smile: I’ve been skulking in the shadows reading posts for a little over a week, so thought I’d de-lurk and say Hi…“Hi”. After 20+ years of ICE motoring, I’m contemplating buying an EV as my next vehicle, I’ve looked at electric motorbikes as well as cars. As I’m taking my current car into Renault for an investigation(!) on Monday, I thought I’d ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and check out the Twizy whilst I’m there. I’m looking forward to seeing it actually, it looks like just the thing for the kind of driving I do, short urban hops on 30mph max roads with just me in the car and a boot of groceries once a week. So yeah, you could say that the Twizy has definitely taken my fancy. :smile:

Welcome Nix

You will not be the only Twizy in Bristol, which makes a change. I have not seen another Twizy on the road that was privately owned.
It does sound like the Twizy is a good fit. I moved from a Motorbike and car combo to only the Twizy and still surprised how much will fit in it. This is especially so if it has doors.

Hi Nix,

I’m in Bristol, so more than happy to talk you through what I’ve done with mine. I’m guessing you’re talking with SJ Cooke? It’s not the best dealer in the world, but they’re okay…

There are now plenty of places in town to recharge, although you’ll find that while many of the city centre car parks have charging, you’ll need a short 13A adaptor to use them with the twizy, since the twizy plug is too large for the charging stations!

(Source Bristol will give you a free card if you agree to fill out four surveys a year for them on EV use)

Do come to the EV rally and display on June 23. It’s going to be an AWESOME day, with an EV drive from the downs to the centre of town (we’re parking outside @Bristol). There’s also going to be a panel discussion and (hopefully) live version of TransportEvolved, the show I present. Confirmed guests include Robert Llewellyn, the Mayor of Bristol, and some other neat EV folks.

More info is here](https://plus.google.com/events/cov79kj3udp6f4mmprhgsme73to).

I was a biker too – I made the change primarily because I wanted something I could get my kids (and the dogs) in to do quick errands round town. I cover about 150 miles a week at the moment, although I have access to a Nissan LEAF (electric too) and a Toyota Prius when I really need to.

If I remember correctly, there are at least three other Twizys in Bristol, according to the Dealer, and one in Thornbury (just north of town). I’m in Stoke Gifford, so I’m often in and around the area. I also regularly drive my Twizy over to Bath (the hills and the twizy aren’t friends going up but I hit 60 going down!)

Interestingly, Dominos in Bath also uses a Twizy as a delivery vehicle, so there are plenty to see!

I’d advise against the official Renault windows. If you really want them (windows that is) then get some of the third-party ones made elsewhere. I hear the iOU two-piece ones from France are good. I’d say that windows are a good idea in some form, or a cover, so you can prevent the car from getting too wet in the rain!


Okay I have doors, but as an all weather biker I have never found the windows necessary. I did drive my Twizy through the Winter and the snow.

But some (Whimps) like them. :smiley:

Hello osbrook and thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile: Yeah, from what I’ve read, the Twizy sounds tailer-made for the kind of mooching about the city that I do and I do plan on getting one with doors. It’s unlikely the one I get (if I can get one) will be new. It’ll probably be an ex-demo.

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]Hi Nix,

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]Hey Nikki, thankyou for your welcome. I’m actually alsoa Nikki, but I noticed you on here and thought I’d use my nickname instead toavoid any confusion. [/FONT][/size]
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]I’m talking withCity Motors, their ZE chap called Steve Gears. We’ve sent a couple of emails back and forth and so I’m dropping off mycar for investigation and then going to meet up with him to go and kick theTwizy’s tyres!

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]I was wonderingabout the plugs and whether they’d be suitable, to be honest. I was going to contact the car parks nearerthe time about that, so thanks for the heads-up.[/FONT][/size]
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]So, how would Igo about getting an adaptor? Would I getit from the dealer?[/FONT][/size]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]I’ve been readingabout this. Sounds like it will be agood time. Your convoy is obviouslygoing to circumnavigate the road closures that are happening on the day?

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]Sounds a bit likemy current car! lol

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT][size=3][FONT=Calibri]I must admit thethread I’ve been checking out the most on here has been the windows one. I think windows would be a good idea, notleast for a sense of security. Althoughif someone wants in, they’re going to get in regardless, but it will be more ofa visual deterrent for the casual look-e-loo I think. I’m also planning on getting a cover, as theTwizy will be parked on the street overnight, so out of sight, out of mind isthe way to go with that, I think.[/FONT][/size]
[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3][/size][/FONT]

I was discussing heated motorcycle clothing with my father a while back and he’s of the opinion that, and I quote “heated clothing is for wimps”. lol Not sure If I’ll get any heated clothing, but I’m fairly certain that if I get a Twizy, windows will definitely be on the agenda. :slight_smile:

ICE Motoring you say. I may have some questions for you. I’ll wait to you get one before I start throwing them. Welcome.

errr, okay…and thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi Nix and welcome.

The 13 amp adapter is purely a standard 13 amp plug a short lead with a 13 amp trailing socket (as they are correctly known as) same as you would have on an outside extension lead.
This is because the Twizy plug is slightly longer than the standard so doesnt fit some charge points as it wont allow the cover to close, this stops the power from kicking in.

Bassflex, you do know its Internal Combustion Engine motoring? Not frozen water, ice?
Just checking.

Hello Ian. Thanks for the welcome and the explanation. So, Renault fitted a plug that doesn’t actually fit any charging points?!?! hhmmm, okay. :rolleyes:

lol, that’s what I meant by ICE. I wish it was because I’m so intrepid North Pole explorer, but alas the only exploring I get to do is around the roads of Bristol! :smiley:

Nix, to cut Renault some slack, they have manufactured a plug for the UK that is exclusive to the UK. This would be developed to fit a standard UK domestic socket no problem.
They may have even developed in conjunction with some charge station manufacturers, however not all. Then in reality some charge stations have been developed that are too small to close with the Renault size plugtop. As there is no “standard” size specified anywhere for the plug body thats where the problem arises. Pin sizes and configuration are defined but not overall size.

And to be fair although Bassflex lives in Wirral i have recently found out he is originally a southerner so needs to be cut some slack.:smiley:

Ah, got ya.

lol I’m a southerner born and raised, is there any hope for me? :slight_smile:

Thats okay, its when we have an outsider in our midst. Southerners down south are fine.
Wirral is like Royston Vasey.
Renault Wirral is for “LOCAL PEOPLE”.

Please reassure me you get the reference.

As long as we stay put. :wink: lol

lol reference received and understood. League of Gentlemen right? Yeah, don’t worry. lolol

Well, you might see me in town – My Twizy windows have broken so it’s my second trip to the dealer this week (sigh)

Oh sorry to read about your windows. What’s occurring there then, if you don’t mind me asking? Which dealer to you do business with?

City motors.

oh right. They’ve got my Clio right now.