Potential twizy owner - need some advice

I ve been reading a lot in this forum about the twizy and thanks for the massive amount of information I got as I wasnt fully convinced it is the right choice.

The one I am planning to get is a 2013 Renault Twizy Colour.

My employer agreed to allow me to park it at work convinced them it is not a car and it is a quadricycle :grin:

Anyway, I have few questions hope someone can help.

I have a 13.6 miles trip that I have to make every day. that is around 27.2 miles. I am assuming this is okay! Let say I made a 40 miles trip some days - Is this doable ?
Is the range affected if you are stuck in traffic or it shouldn’t be using electricity unless I have lights on, etc…

The car I have in mind has already windows - I read somewhere that they are not quite effective Is there any better way to improve them.

From what I understood reading here in the forum, there is another 12v battery that I can use to plug in heated gloves, etc… My question is , is that battery also charged when you charge the car ? If i plug anything to it, the range will not be affected, Can anyone confirm this please?

Driving on a motorway - Dangerous? a thrill? normal? not advised?

Charging the twizy on those charging points networks - polar and other - I found this cable connector online for £261. http://www.twizywindows.co.uk/ did anyone try this, is there another one, maybe a cheaper alternative?

How windy noisy and wet the car get if it has windows and it is raining.

I am pretty sure getting a heated coat , gloves or maybe a fleece blanket in cold weather will be enough if you are driving the twizy in the winter in England. Of am I over confident :thinking:

I was reading about the powerbox v2. Is it really worth it. The seller claims that it wont affect my range which I am finding strange to be honest - This is a part of their answer _“with a Powerbox you get a much better regeneration therefore you can run longer if you try to drive as far as you can” Anyone tried it?

Thanks for your help in advance, apologise for the long post and looking forward for your replies.


Welcome to the group.

I have a Twizy colour - bought new in June 2012. I have never had windows, and never got home wet and I drive mine everyday. In fact the Twizy is very good in the Snow. I wear my normal shirt and tie with a walking shell jacket on to drive to work all winter. However as the temperature drops I wear gloves and then a hat and eventually a scarf thingy.

Never had the need for heated anything else. How ever I was a Motorcyclist before and it is the wind flow that make it cold. In the Twizy it is the rear passenger that feels the rain and cold. I’m not saying you don’t need to be warm just it’s not as bad as people think once you are used to it.

I take mine of the Motorway, only one junction but don’t find an issue.

Range is very subjective. Rain and then cold will reduce the range. Sticking brakes even more so and so will driving technique. Even now I’m happy to do 40 miles with two people in the summer. In the winter then 40 miles might be pushing it, but depends on the terrain.

The power box remaps the Twizy, and one option is more regen. Regen doesn’t add much to the range less than 10% but a strong regen in town makes it easier to drive, but on a fast route makes it worse. It does sound as if it makes the Twizy fun to drive (I haven’t got one). Laws of physics come into play and the way you use the power is what will effect the range. Same with any car. It takes x amount of power to reach a set speed and Y to maintain. Simple but that does not show the effect on drawing a lot of current fast from the batteries. So it it is again how you drive.

Where are you based?

Thanks for your quick reply.

The 40 miles range is a bit worrying to be honest as I am in London and i will be makinng a daily commute from harrow to Baker street which is around 13 miles which is enough if nothing goes wrong I guess.

Would traffic changes the range ? I assume it will , am I wrong?


26 miles is easy in winter. If not ring RCI up and get the battery replaced!

Traffic effects the range in different ways.
Remember you use no power while sat doing nothing, unlike a ICE car on tick over.
However it is the initial pulling away from 0mph that uses more power than if you were rolling. So stop start traffic is worse than very slow moving traffic.

Hi. I’ve had a 2012 Twizy colour for 6 months now. I mostly keep the windows in because I do occasional motorway driving.

With the powerbox v2 I can get up to 70 mph, but any incline does reduce you back to circa 55 which can feel dicey on the motorway, especially at night. I would not be without the powerbox. Even with two large blokes on board the powerbox makes my Twizy zippy. Just don’t forget to unplug it when you leave the car.

Re cold/clothing, I recommend motorcycle clothing/gloves. Even with windows there is a lot of airflow which can leave you shivering. I’m not getting very wet though, even if it’s pouring down. Roll on summer!

Pretty sure you can get a type2 to 3-pin converter for about £100 if you search. I’ve not bothered though.

What you waiting for?

I will agree with Osbrook and 40 miles in the winter will be pushing the Twizy range to the limit.

I have a September 2013 Twizy and I have now covered over 31,000 miles / 50,000 km with a power box. I daily commute from Eastcote / Hillingdon (not far from Harrow where you are) to Windsor / Berkshire on the Uxbridge road A4007. if you know the road it has a mix of country lanes 30 / 40 miles speed and fast 60 miles with a long fast downhill (you must drive back up) + traffic jams at peak time.

I can get up to 97 % charge when below 10 C. My journey is about 32 miles round trip and with the power box in Eco mode and driving very very carefully I will make the round trip and 20% left in the battery, but sometime much less…

it is a different story when the weather warms up and you should be able to cover your 40 miles but at reasonable speed.

Hope this helps,