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Potential Twizy owner

New to the forum, very interested in getting a Twizy :slight_smile:
i currently drive a Petrol Quadricycle, owned a few over the years.
They are not the most reliable of cars so I am thinking about going electric! :slight_smile:
Coming from a Background of many years of riding Motorcycles through fierce Winters, the Twizys lack of heater and comforts does not bother me!
I have been doing the maths and the more I look into a Twizy the more it is making sense!
Hope to get a test Drive in one very soon!


Hi Andy and welcome

Compared to many, the Twizy is finished to feel very car like but is very hard riding! The levels of grip and feeling of the controls may surprise.

I spent ages justifying my purchase financially and reasoned very hard before buying but I am very glad I won one.
Enjoy your test drive-find an interested ZE dealer and have fun :wink: