POWER Struts (80 Kgs) that easily lift doors WITH WINDOWS even in COLD WEATHER!

After a very successfull run at the German Forum, I am asking my British Blokes if you are looking for a set to get rid of the ridiculous Renault struts.

I have managed to find a custom made strut set that lifts 80 Kilos instead of the stock 60 Kilos.


My videos for the german forums show you the power of the mighty struts

Plain half door

With window weight and then an additionla bag with 4 t-shirts (400-600 gramms)

Price per set is at 74 GBP (or 68GBP per paypal as friend payment)
Reanult charges for the stock part at about 80GBP for ONLY ONE (as I was told at the Greek Renault dealership)

Installation requires the removing of both front dash containers unfortunatly, but is VERY EASY after that.

Price above was negotiated with the Shop here after ordering 13 sets so it would be best if we do so here as well.

Please create list below, who is in on it.
After one week I will go out and get them supplied.

After this week, I will be listing single sets on ebay at much highr rates for the rest of the european market TWIZY owners.



How easy are they to fit? I haven’t stripped my Twizy down to see the door struts.

SUPER easy.
Either by my tutorial as seen on the german forum that I have the two dash compartments removed OR
my un-popping the front cover, remove headlights and work from there;)

The struts only need their safety pin removed by a mini screwdriver.

upon installation just pop em in place.

Interesting mod. I don’t have my Twizy yet but I’m already looking into ways to improve it.
Forgive my ignorance but doesn’t stronger struts also mean you need to pull down much harder to close the doors?
Regarding price, how much is shipping (to Belgium)?

The pulling down is not all that different. Let you fellow Twizy owners tell you how lame the stock struts are and how hard you have to push up at winter with Windows on.

Price is EU WIDE same price shipping

Right, you convinced me! Please put me on the list.

  1. Zippy

Yes please

Two are down to order.

This is the batch that was prepared for he German forum.
20 sets ordered there.

Got my new struts from Alex - really quick service. Fitting next week. Hopefully they will actually make the doors go upwards quicker and I won’t have to push them up. Also better when I get the remote release system fitted too!

Martin, would you be kind enough to have a step by step photo record or maybe a video of you fitting the struts. I think it will help a lot of us who are thinking of doing the same. Thanks.

Funny you say that. I have asked my fitter to do exactly that Chris.

It’s in German but hey…

18 sets fitted in germany. Martin is the pioneer for the UK;)

Martin is it a normal garage you are using or a different company for this? I would love it done as well but am not mechanically minded

I got the struts from Alex. And did fit them myself. Context: I am a psychologist :grin:

I removed the headlamps and the two containers. It is making life easier that way.
Headlamps: do not touch the screws with the spings. those are for the lightbeam adjustment. Use the 3 screws behind them. That will take the whole unit out.
Containers: On the left side 4 screws, on the right 5. 4 on top, 1 in the footwell. More irritating are the pins which hold the lid in place. You have to get the lid off in order to remove the two screws in the front of the container. Each pin has two wings on the end. You have to push each wing in in order to get them through the holes.
Now you are on a crossroad. If you think this is the very last time you are going to remove the lid go on sweating to push the wings in. If you think that in the coming year you will get the container out again (installation Parrot, OVMS and the like) just cut the wings off. Be assured, you will never regret that action.
Now you have spend more time already than the rest of the installation will take.

(@Alex: you know I placed two exta washers on the struts. Are they needed in this batch? If so I adjust the text accordingly)

After opening the workspace you see the strut on the side of the Twizy.
Open the door and find a means to keep it open at its widest.
The strut has a body and a rod. Make a note which end goes where.
On each side the strut stays on the balljoint because on the end of the strut is a securing clip.
Take a small screwdriver and lift one clip ±3 mm. No more, otherwise the clip descends in the bowels of the Twizy.
After that you can lift the strut on that side. Press the clip back in.
Do the same on the other side. Now you can take the strut out. BUT: before you do make a note which wires go over, which wires go under the strut.
When getting the old strut out lay it on the workbench. Take the new strut and position both ends so they have the same orientation as the old ones. That makes installation very easy.
Take the small screwdriver and lift the clips on the ends ±3 mm.
maneuver the strut in place (mind the wires). click them in the balljoints.
Do the same for the other side.

Thank you for taking the time and explain this very detailed walk through. Actually this batch is a few pounds higher on the price as it is 100% perfect length but with metal extended endings but a bit more complex lock pins. The plastic endings were cheaper but needed a washer and clipped on easily.

The new ones need to remove and reinstall the locking pin but no washer needed.

See image of new strut

I have a fitter that works for us and he will fit them on site. I will video the exercise though following the above details of course!

I am lost :weary:
Wish I was a little more mechanically capable as I would really love to have the stronger struts and remote opening.

It’s really a very easy job!!
If Martin can’t do the how to video, I’ll do it for you.
Although it’s a pain for me to remove all radio and alarm components …

I’ll do it don’t worry! I am still waiting for my Power Box to arrive from Kenneth and just booked the Twiz in for paint work to the size pieces and front grill. I maybe be boring Alex and have the side parts in pearl white and the front in a nice silver or grey. I keep changing my mind!

How easy is it to take the side parts off?