PowerBox Firmware for Twizy 45 is ready for testing :-)

Hi I have now made a Beta Firmware for Twizy 45 and I need now som help of someone who has a Powerbox and a T45 which can test it for me. contact me if you can help :slight_smile:
I’ve sent out an e-mail to anyone who has purchased Powerbox of me so reckon that there are some of them who can help soon .-)

The T45 Firmware has currently only one tuning options that has 57Nm which is the same as a standard T80 and with a max of 10,000 rpm. but since it is a different ratio in the gearbox on a T45 so will 10,000 rpm not be enough to manage 84 km/h
I would guess 10,000 rpm is somewhere close to 70 km/h. but that we will probably soon get answers to. whether we should increase RPM to more than 10,000 RPM, I’m a little unsure if we should.
with Driving profile buttons so you can choose between 33 Nm (Standard T45) and 57Nm (same as a standard T80). Toggle regeneration ON and OFF and of course the opportunity to select the desired regen value.

all in all it will be quite similar firmware to T80 but will most probably only get 2 tuning options. Medium and MaxPower Tuning

I have a helper in Austria who have tested it on a Twizy45 and the first test results have now come in.
The top speed is 80 km/h. Acceleration to 70km/h is beautiful brisk, and eventually reaches 80km/h on a level road with no headwind.
80 km/h is 10,000 rpm so this is also the Max Speed. but not bad that one would do this also on flat road with no headwind :slight_smile:
acceleration feels almost like standard T80, a bit less, but smooth and perfect :slight_smile:

we currently have a small problem with getting it 100% back to the original settings, but this I expect we will soon have a solution to that problem :slight_smile:

back to 100% original problem is solved and PB for T45 is now out for sale :slight_smile:

Anyone with a Powerbox for T80 can also get firmware to a T45 of me if they want it. Just send me an email so you will get it :slight_smile:

in the future I will try to merge the T45 and T80 firmware in to one firmware.
Power box will then automatically detect whether it is connected to a T45 or T80.
this will take some time because I do not get time to start on this until after summer

Is the medium tuning on a T45 the same as a standard T80 or do you need to max tune the T45 to get it up to 80 km/h.

Yes you need to go MaxPower Tuning to go 80Km/h

hello !
new to this forum , how do i order the powerbox completely

To order a Powerbox so send a email to [email protected]

Wow! Great Kenneth!
So with the tuning box the acceleration is a bit less than a standard T80 right? How is that possible since it has a shorter gear ratio? It should have a stronger acceleration isn’t it.

Just thought…if in a T45 we replace the sevcom of a T80 and keep the same T45 gearbox PLUS we throw in the PowerBox it will end up with spinning wheels!!! Burn out COOL!!! FEASIBLE?

That’s because it still has a little less Nm than a T80. But it has no less acceleration than an original T80. it is about the same.

And yes an upgrade that the motor controller helps very well on acceleration :slight_smile: I have some customers who have mounted a T80 controller on a T45 :-)))))