Powerbox power

Hi All - recently bought a Twizy after running one for 6 months when they first came out as a long term test car. Great things and out where we live not many around.

The car came with a powerboat, having played with this I can certainly see the benefits of it, if nothing else the increased top speed really helps on the country roads, however I am concerned about its drain on the battery.

I know if you unplug it, then this resolves it, but I worry that this may get forgotten ( not attempting to blame the other half of course).

Has anyone on here tried rewiring the power to the OBD port so that its switched, thus turning it off when the ignition is off and saving power?

Cheers all

If you have a loader that was build after 2014 you´re safe.
It will top up the 12V battery as long as you have at least 20% SoC in your main battery.

If you´re not shure, just watch your Twizy/Powerbox.
When the loader tops up the 12V the Powerbox turns on.
This happens every 40 minutes or so.

Sadly mine is a 2012. I was told by the previous owner that if I left it plugged in and didn’t use the Twizy for a couple of days, it would discharge the 12v battery, making starting it a pain.

I figure if I can work out which is the constant 12v to the OBD and replace this with a switched 12v, it should resolve the issue !

If there is at least a preparation for the Parrot bluetooth audio, you should have an orange wire somewhere… That should be 12V switchable with the ignition key. I guess Powerbox doesnt need a lot of power, so you could do directly, or for safety use this orange one just for relay input for switch the main power to Powerbox…