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PowerBox settings


I’ve had a PowerBox BT for a few weeks now and love more responsive character and ability to check the battery etc but I haven’t changed any of the other settings, too busy working flat out at home since lockdown!

I see you can change the regen settings. I’d be interested in the settings people have decided on and why. I suppose i’m looking for a more aggressive setting that wont lock up my standard wheels.

Also what mode do people tend to run it in MaxPower or Medium? I started off with MaxPower but decided to drop it to Medium as I think it’s a good compromise and I don’t get the beeping every time I accelerate.

How about the foot-break setting, I think that engages more regen when pressed doesn’t it?

Oh actually the other thing I have changed is the charging to 90%.

It’s quite hilly where I live and with the Twizy in max power the following settings work well for me:

Regen = 100

Foot Brake = 250

The settings are a percentage (x10) of full current so, as I found, have different effects depending on tuning.


Just found my manual - so it says the Regen and Footbreak can be set between 1 and 1000 and the default is 181 for Regen and 250 for footbreak.
So you are using less regen that default and almost the default break @peter-ss, is that right?
Not too hilly in my area of Oxon (there are a few on the route to work). I’m tempted to put he regen up a little so it will be similar to our Smart EQ which you can really use when approaching roundabouts/junctions rather than using the breaks.

i’m in medium mode with the default settings for regen and footbrake, this has been the best mode for me on standard wheels.

occasionally I can get the red stop light and the beep if I’m heavy on the throttle in the hot weather going up a steep hill two up inside. :grin:

My original settings were 181 and 250 but with the standard full load current of 315A, so:

315A X 0.181 = 57A regen (coast)

315A X 0.250 = 79A regen ( foot brake)

My present setting with the tuned full load current of 500A are:

500A X 0.100 = 50A regen (coast)

500A X 0.250 = 125A regen (foot brake)

So, I now have a little less regen on coast than standard and significantly more on the foot brake.


You’ve lost me there @peter-ss, tuned full load?
Have you done some non-powerbox tuning?

No, just the PowerBox.

Full load as in maximum current in Amps.

interesting Peter that you use the brakes more than regen , although here hills are my saviour :smile:

I hardly ever use the brakes.

Only need them when something unexpected happens.

@peter-ss cant say I’ve spotted that setting, or is this the max amps (500A) when set to the MaxPower setting?


ahhhh, I see. Thanks.