Powerbox v1 for sale

As I am selling my Twizy I have a Powerbox v1 for sale.

I am starting the price at £300 but everyday it will go down £10 until someone offers me the price either here or via PM.

So by next Friday it will be £230.

Any questions please ask or if you want to offer a price to end it early please PM me. The box really does make the Twizy road useful and would not have had so much fun in the last 12 months.

£290 today…

£280 anyone?

£250 now but might be selling with Twizy. Any last takers?

Im interested of buing a power box, what tipe is it, is ok four new models. My t80 sport its from last year production…
I rely like to have one power box… 250€ iz ok four me :slight_smile:

Unfortunately. It is sold now.

Ah, thats a shame!
Thanks any way.
Have a nice time