Powerbox vs OVMS for tuning

I will get my Twizy delivered tomorrow and are thinking of the different options on tuning.

Powerbox has the advantage of being a ready system that is proven, disadvantage is the price.
OVMS is cheaper and has som neat functions for tracking, battery management, charging and so on.

Question is, if you do a mild tuning (less that 80Nm) is there any difference? I suppose that Powerbox doesn’t do this in any other way than OVMS, there are some parameters that you can set that would be the same?

I understand that if you run the Powerbox in max power mode it has some checking of temp of engine, but if you run it in the “Normal” mode it should be that same right?


Hi Fredrik. I’m guessing by your name that you are Scandinavian like me:)
I cannot answer your question directly, but I will be receiving my Twizy tomorrow too (yay!), and I will definitely go for Kenny’s PowerBox. In my opinion it is simple, effective and solid, and clearly worth the extra cash. If you are technically adept, the OVMS might be for you, but please browse the German Twizy forums first. I have, and to me the OVMS seems waaay to much of a fuss to get right for a whizzy toy like the Twizy. The germans go on and on discussing parameters and settings, faults, do’s and dont’s. Not worth it in my opinion. Just my 2 øre.

Owning the Powerbox and having used the OVMS I can only say that Fredriks words are so true.

Agree totally, if you are technically knowledgable and prepared to take some risks with the tuning the OVMS is fine. If like me, you have no clue, and just want to plug and play, then the powerbox wins every day.

I didn’t actually think the cost was a lot for what you get - and the grin is definately priceless :sunglasses:

@kennethnilsen69 will probably be more than happy to comment as well

A Powerbox has three main tuning options. Light, Medium and MaxPower.
Light Tuning is about the same as what you can withdraw “safely” from a OVMS box.
You will then get 80Nm with a nice gently power curve and to some as this is more than enough. but it is a bit difficult to set up for someone who has very little of knowledge, and you can quickly lose some hair :-)))) but if you have some experience so it’s easy to set up a OVMS. I also have a OVMS box but I never even bothered to read my way to how to use it because I thought it was all too much info on internet and quickly became bored (I’m dyslexic so it was maybe the reason :-)) so I rather made my own Powerbox :slight_smile: in a way so we can thank OVMS for the Powerbox :-))))))))

But OVMS box is much cheaper then one Powerbox so there is a lot of money to save.
OVMS is cheaper because it is mass produced in China. while a Powerbox is handmade in Norway so therefore it is also much more expensive.


Thanks for the answers!
I will try with the OVMS to start with. Whatever you say it is just control parameters of the SEVCON box.
I definitly respect the work that Kenneth has put into the powerbox and the cleverness of the change of profiles if the engine gets too hot.
But still, even with the Powerbox, nobody can garantee that your enginge/batteri/Controlbox doesent break.

My Twizy is brand new and I hope that Renault will repair it if it breaks (what they dont know…).

Do anyone knows a Twizy that has had a meltdown due to tuning of the engine parameters?


I like to encourage you to rethink your intended choice.

And the reason for this would be?


Having used the OVMS for more than a year, I deeply respect the developer of the OVMS software, making the OVMS for the Twizy the most sophisticated of all electric Sevcon-vehicles. That said: I found it too complicated for the job it has to do.
It uses a telephone card, of which the only advantage for me was to see where I already knew my Twizy’s location was;
to be able to program the OVMS while not in the car is not so luxureous, because you have to put the Twizy with the key on contact, so there you are in the car again;
more often than not the OVMS reset itself to default;
it is not easy to calibrate the recuperation curve to the torque curve;
you have to get used to a - although simple - programming language;
when updating to the newest software you have to screw the thing open and load a hefty program, and install the software using a manual;

Do I have to commence? :wink:

Owning the Powerbox was like switching from Windows to Apple :slight_smile:

But I thought you liked the Power Box! :smiling_imp:


In answer to a previous question as well I have not heard of any engines having problems as a result of the tuning, the good thing with the powerbox is that it monitors temps and reduces power if they get too high.

There is also a neat ‘reset to factory settings’ option, incase it does have to go back to Renault and you need the logs deleted.

I just have to say: I got my Twiz on Friday, and today I got Kenneth’s Powerbox in the mail. Took me all of three minutes to tune the car up (went for medium settings, 400 natural regen and 500 foot regen), unplugged the box and locked it in the trunk. Then I took it for a spin. Holy s**t, what a blast. Literally. It now goes like a freakin’ rocket, easy 97 km/h on flat road. Then I went around town for a bit, and I felt like I drove a gokart on nitro all of the sudden. This is the most fun I’ve had with clothes on. If I ever drive a Twiz nekkid I’ll have life won.

TL;DR: Powerbox. Most fun ride ever after. Thank you Kenneth!


haha still awaiting the first comment to say the opposite of this @MagnusB haha

It is a laugh a minute - wait till you put it in high which I now do all the time, brilliant :slight_smile:

Does any one know what Medium and High setting does to the range?
I assume the extra power is only used during acceleration and once up to speed it uses nothing extra.

I have found hardly any difference to be honest, as @kennethnilsen69 would say it is all about how you drive the car, although in High settings I do not have my foot to the floor a lot, so I find it handy to have in reserve.

As Kenneth always said, if you drive the Twizy at the same speed and accelerate at the same rate, there’s no reason why there would be any impact on range. But if you always drove your Twizy flat out, and you continue to do that, I can’t see how your range could possibly be preserved, because you will be drawing more power from the battery.

In our case, being damn near geriatric and living on narrow country roads an in a hilly area, the range appears to be about the same or maybe even slightly improved by the greater regeneration. But I suspect we are inadvertently accelerating faster than we did, because the range estimate is a LOT more volatile than it used to be.

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Hello Kenneth,

How can I order the powerbox?



@bbel I have sent you a message :slight_smile:

hello everyone
Is it possible to use both Kenneth Box and a OVMS app from PlayStore? (just to check battery level, stop battery from charging at a predetermined % and get the location…just in case somebody moves the car)?
Sorry everyone I don’t even own a Twizy I’m asking out of curiosity.

Sorry for a little late reply but yes you can use OVMS and Powerbox at the same time. But when you are going to perform the tuning, you must disconnect OVMS because it disturbs during the tuning. in normal use they go well together