PowerBoxxx [sold]

Powerbox for sale

Price: €325,-
Location: Groningen, the Netherlands
Year: 2016
No. of Owners: 1
Mileage: 5000 km

It works fine and is in very good shape. Stealth (black) version. Latest sofware update. In Original Box.

I want it!!!
I’ll write you tomorrow for payment and shipping


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No Problem

Do you still have it?


It looks like it is sold. I keep you updated.

Why are you selling?

@Aquiperez: sold

@tw_sjo: why do people buy a new car, when the present one never lets you down…:blush:

I want to try the Powerbox 2.0. And in the meantime I was super happy with Powerbox 1.5. Could not live without it. Of course I could also switch back to the OVMS, but like the smartphone world, I prefer the ease of handling of the iPhone over the adjustability of the Android phones. :sunglasses: