Pre-reg ZOE deals

After the mega-deals on Fluences, I thought these would come down in price, but some great deals around now:

The £15,195 ZOE Dynamique Zen, 63 plate pre-reg with only 34 miles (000034) £9550

Or under £9k with 2,000 miles.

You’ve still got to lease the battery from £70-113pcm though.

£9550 for a new one with 34 miles is getting close to Twizy retail pricing.

It’s getting closer to tempting me now, I’m missing the electric drive-train.
A sub £3k Twizy or £6k ZOE could do it for me as there’s little left to lose, especially if they start selling the battery packs off (instead of hire), as a new market may open up and prices may firm up-as there are many who do not want to be tied into rental payments but like the cars.

Quite fancy one, but the rental is too hard to swallow for me tbh, would rather buy a new Twingo

With you on that-the new Twingo looks great. The old 1.2 75bhp front drive one will become the new £4995 Dacia City.
The battery hire is far too expensive on the ZOE, should be £50 max.