Preparing the Twizy for the winter

I bought the Korean windows last winter, but they had a couple of drawbacks that now are solved:

  1. The Velcro stickers are not sticking. I solved this by making metal hooks that goes over the edge of the interior plastic. Then I covered these with Velcro on both sides (all around in one piece). Now the other side of the Velcro will sit firm.
  2. The windows are not possible to lock. This manifested once in someone using the Twizy as a trashbin. This I solved by putting glass locks (the ones used at the jewellers) on the windows.
  3. in rain and snow there is still rain and snow coming in. This was solved by cutting grey foam pipe insulation and fitting that on the edge of the plexiglass.

Winter tyres are of course also bought. I am thinking about whether the need nails…

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Great advise and I like the glass lock you used.

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I used small self tapping screws through the velcro and painted the heads black

Please post us some pictures.

First picture shows the locks. The cylinder is removable, so you take that away when unlocking the car. Only the “saw blade” is left on.

The second picture shows the pipe insulation. It goes over the edge of the glass from top to bottom. Hardly visible from the utside as you can see. Drawback is that moisture stays a bit longer on the windows, so one should really start the car and the window heating a two minutes earlier in the morning.

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