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Presentation of Christian, a french guy, sorry about that

Hello everybody,
So I’m french, that’s could explain the quality of my english…
I’m a Twizy owner, that is a good reason to be here… Because I think that this vehicule is the best french idea since the invention of the umbrella, I try to make it better known and sometimes to improve it (it’s a good idea but the reality is not always at the level)
So I created different blogs and Youtube videos (addresses are above in my signature) and I recently created Facebook pages
“La vie en Twizy” https://www.facebook.com/lavietwizy
“Pour la Renault-Nissan au Québec” https://www.facebook.com/TwizyAuQuebec
I’m happy to join you and to share different things.

A warm welcome to you. I have visited your Facebook page. Pity I can’t read French, but the photos are interesting enough. Thanks.

Many thanks ! You’re right, the most interesting in the Facebook page “La vie en Twizy” (life in Twizy) are the photos coming from everywhere. It is also the reason why I created a blog in (poor) english “life in Twizy” where words are more important.