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Pricing & options

If I were to go ahead with a purchase, I have configured my ideal Twizy using the Renault website with the options I can see - Technic in Diamond Black with clear sky roof, doors, anti-lift alarm (couldn’t see any option for mud flaps?) total £8,310, plus battery hire.

It has been well known for some time that we in the UK seem to get a raw deal when it comes to new car pricing. Has anyone noticed how much more expensive the Twizy is to purchase in the UK? I can only imagine the difference between the EU/UK models would be - headlamp beam pattern, the electrical plug type/voltage and display configured for mph or km/h.

At the moment renault.fr and renault.co.uk show the following prices for all 3 models without options or accessories. I have used exchanged rates from www.xe.com/ucc 1 EUR = 0.800828 GBP


Urban 7690,00 € (£6,158.37) -£531.63
Color 7990,00 € (£6,398.62) -£551.38
Technic 8490,00 € (£6,799.03) -£600.97


Urban £6,690.00
Colour £6,950.00
Technic £7,400.00

I understand that the UK has a slightly higher tax rate of 20% vs. France of 19.6%, but surely there cannot be that much of a difference?

It seems that getting one is also an issue. I was finally able to order mine in September having waited since May (after paying a deposit) for them to make the sky roof available. Mine has finally landed from Spain in Southampton where it seems to be stuck awaiting transport for the last week, approximately. Worse, there is no indication of when they plan to actually deliver it to my dealer. A little bit frustrating and apparently beyond the control of my dealer. You would have thought they would want the rest of the money but clearly no cashflow issues for them.

Surely a call to Renault customer services/complaints explaining you have been waiting since May and explaining it is in the UK and not moving would gee things up a bit?

Interesting figures. It is similar to many car models in that respect-I suppose getting it across the channel and further distance is part of it?

Probably, but I won’t make a fuss unless this goes on for another week. Don’t want to spoil my relationship with my dealer. Might need it later.

If the dealer says it is not their fault, tell them to get whoever’s fault it is to sort it out-give a deadline before you complain!

Waiting to get to speak to my dealer in person but just heard third hand that they won’t be able to supply until at least the end of month. Thinking of cancelling my order.

James and I went through this. Big delays in delivery simply down to transport. You say it is the country, then if it is not stuck at the port it is at one of the distribution points - Big one in Derby.

Speak to Renault Customer services and complain, explaining it is not the dealer. You may get something out of them and a free gift (Mud flaps, car cover or some other accessory).

I dont want to start a fight with Renault Dealers but our Twizy was late and they said Renault offer compensation for late delivery and we got £15 for 15 days or so. The trigger appeared to be

  1. We had a written delivery date which although was approximate was missed and no information on when it might be delivered was available
  2. We complained in the nicest possible way repeatedly and after several moans were offered compensation whilst we waited. I did offer to delay delivery until Christmas but they declined Note: Compensation is offered only up to a collection date. If the Customer cannot collect for a day or two after that, the compensation does not increase.

It did seem that this was a standard Renault offer and not something special that the dealer offered and since it more than covered the cost of the battery rental which was already running from the “delivery date” we smiled, said thank you and banked the cheque.

Trevor - Interesting. I think you are saying they offered you one pound per day it was delayed. I think I would rather have the vehicle. Why did you want to wait until Christmas ? Have I missed something ?

My bad phraseology. That was £15 per day for 15 days if I remember correctly… Hence my enthusiasm to wait until Christmas

Now I get it. Well mine was due at the end of October. My dealer is chasing Renault. I should know by Monday what the hold up is. I suspect it is the same issue that you and James mentioned.

Update is that it’s still in Spain and not in the UK after all. I am told they will make a goodwill gesture when I finally get it but its looks like its going to be a while yet. This seems to be a common theme and appears to be linked to the vehicle not fitting on a standard transporter. I suspect (just guessing) that they need to sell enough to make it worthwhile sending over a separate lorry to transport it.

That was my view. They will not send over just one or two but want to wait for a full load. But how many is a full load?

They told me it was due to the lack of ‘palates’ (The metal cage they come over on), but it was odd that a whole bunch arrived at the same time. James and I got our’s from the same shipment. I suppose what makes it worse is the lack of orders at this time of year. It takes longer to get a full lorry load.
Time for Renault to use small lorries to the UK.

This is my first French vehicle, not impressed so far. The fault seems to sit with the supply chain rather than the dealership though. It’s just been confirmed that they really did delay it waiting for sufficient vehicles for the truck. Lets see if they can turn their customer service around through local interaction in making it right with the customer.