Problem charging

I have a problem because when I connect Twizy to load and nothing happens when you turn the ignition charger starts to work and a moment turned off and then only murmurs fan.
Please help

Sorry to hear of your problem. However it is hard to know where to look.
Does the supply have sufficent voltages and is not current limited. You need 220v to 247v and 12a start up with the abilty to supply 10a continuously.

Hello and whether it could be the fault of the battery 12v because when you turn the ignition light is stop and the red battery?

I will say that even the day before everything worked normally. Only when I returned in the evening (I used light) I wanted to connect the car to load and muscles.

Could be 12V, it is required to have some charge in it to start the main charger. If 12v is too low then it cannot be recharged via the Twizy charger even when plugged in.

Charge the 12V separately with a normal car/motorbike battery charger. Or jump start the 12v to get it charging.

I replaced the battery with a new 12v absolutely nothing to no avail.
Please help

It sounds like you’ll have to book it in to a Renault dealership to take a look.

Thank you for the hint as you can hint whether I like the car I bought in France and brought to the Polish how much does the coverage samchód from 2,013 years ago returned from a month assembling the battery or the charger exchange renault in the price of the lease?

Sorry to hear you still have the problem. However this last post has not translated well and it doesn’t make sense. Perhaps someone else can do better.

My point is that the car I bought in France and brought to Polish.
I drove to the site for installation of the battery. A month ago, they have been installed.
So if he broke the charger exchanged it for the price of leasing?
Car year 2013

So the car was bought in France without a battery and taken to Poland, where you had the traction battery fitted. You don’t then know if the charger was working before you took the car home as removing the battery may have damaged the charger cables. Or as you say the battery installation damaged the charger.

If a replacement battery was fitted then it would have come party cared, did the Twizy work then or is it only when you try to recharge that you have problems?

Sorry if I have misunderstood. (Niestety, jeśli nie zrozumiałeś.)

Thank you very much for your answer.
I checked all the cables from the charger everything looks good.
Two days ago everything worked properly.
Please have a hint of what could still see.

Sorry sounds like your charger has failed. One last check.
Lift the floor panel up in front of the drives seat and check the fans spin freely. They can get stones, leaves etc stuck in them and jam them up. This causes the charger to over heat.

The fan is working properly. Is the charger can somehow fix it?
What is new is very expensive (700 euros)
Whether it is subject to exchange wramch leasing?

Take the charger out and see if you can find an electronics person to take a look.

These should be repairable depending on what has gone but need some one happy to work with the high voltage and current.

Good Luck

If you do get it fixed then I see a few people needing this service in the future.

@konrad692 , Did you ever solve this issue? My Twizy did the same earlier today. But it is charging now fine…

Just to give some update on my issue, it was a charger issue. It broke and I had to buy Renault a new one for a outrageous 1.500€. I called Renault Spain and explained I how felt about it. They surely know there was some issues with 2012 chargers, but would deny it. I explained to them that I knew they had given in the past subsidies up to 100% of the total cost. They say it was based on age, kms of the car and other variables, but that they no longer offered that. Just 50% of total cost. So I could only accept it.