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Problem - Twizy door won't open

Hi All,
I’ve had my twizy for over 5 months now and since day 3, i’ve not been able to open the right hand door.
The renault retailer i purchased from is completely useless and can’t seem to fix it. I wont name and shame them (yet) but one of their comments was a suggestion that i (yes I) contact renault for a solution! What a joke, they are the retailer - you bloody call them!!!

Anyway… its currently back with them for another go. But, forecasting them not fixing it, can i please ask if anyone else has experienced similar problems?

The left door opens perfectly. The lever releases the catch leaving the door free to be raised effortlessly.

The right door is a nightmare to try and get open.
Image me: in the lashing rain… reaching through the unzipped window constantly wiggling the lever up and down, whilst with my left hand tugging on the door near the catch… all the time with any bags etc pressed against the car with my stomach so not to get wet on the floor and also freeing up both my hands… at the very same time clintching the little tab at the top of the window with my teeth and pulling it out from the door frame for when that magical moment arrives and the door is eventually freed.

Yes, i know i can get in the left door just as easily - but thats not the point. I’ve bought a new car and they need to fix it.

Has anyone experienced and similar issues? If so, i would love to hear the solution you found.

Like i said, its back with them yet again today but i don’t hold much hope as the people working on it have never even seen a twizy!!!

thank you

Can you get the door open at all?
After opening a few inches does it try to spring up?
Is the door handle operating the catch?
If that all works then it is a simple matter to release the Torx screws that hold the catch plates in the DOOR. These sound to be mis-aligned and can be sorted easily.
Aligning them is more of a trail and error. Leave them loose(ish) close the door and push it a round a bit at the bottom until it sits without a large gap and without rubbing the bottom frame. Then carefully open and tighten up the screws.

Are you sure it isn’t the window frame snagging the roof and thus preventing the door pivoting? On mine, I had to push out the frame (from the inside) to allow the door to rise. Once learned, it becomes second nature.

Assuming the catastrophic Renault windows are not part of the problem (best to bin or set fire to those), it’s a fix you do not need a dealer for.

One of my doors did the same, it’s a dead easy 5 min DIY fix involving a torx key-which is less time than it takes to get through to the service dept by phone, let alone go there, let alone leave it with the idiots.

The door has two adjustable lower guides and black prongs which go up into them (you step over them on sill, they are visible) and an adjustable door catch on the body.
If all catches are in the central position, door will open freely. If it rattles, adjust the lower guides in or out as needed and tighten up.

The door will stick if the lower guides are set to the most inward position and the catch to the most outward position (or vice-versa), especially if all the guides and lock are dry and not lubricated.

It is so simple that it shows how bloody daft the dealers are. 5 minute DIY job tops, you’d best get used to adjusting them as they loosen frequently and the doors will either rattle or stick without monthly adjustment.

So check alignment of lower guides and door catch, adjust and lubricate as needed. It’s absolutely bloody obvious when you lift the door and look at how it shuts/latches-you can see if the guide has worn only one side of the catch etc etc etc

Every time I cleaned mine, I checked the bulbs, tyres etc and adjusted the door catches.

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Hi All,
Thanks so much for the great comments.
Its not the window at all, although below comments may make you think so…

Well its come back today from the renault dealer for the 5th time.
The chap very confidently said on the phone that the door now opens and closes a smoothly as the left one.
I turned up… and couldnt open it.

He’s fiddled with the striking plate on the door FRAME and the bit on the DOOR that goes down into it with the latch.

He has said that actually the door is not pivoting in the same way as the left and so it doesnt rotate squarly down into the catch guides. Although… he doesnt know how to fix this so has just tried to realign the ctahc and latch.

So… we have agreed that i can actually open the door now, however this is a two handed process. One hand to pull out the window, whilst the other reaches in and pulls the lever to release the catch. Please dont think this is the windows fault, its not. Pulling the window out is putting pressure on the door catch that releases the latch.

The good left door you can do with one hand. Reach in, pull the lever (which releases the latch)… then remove yor hand and then at your leisure pull out the window which will raise the door.

If you try this on the right door… the latch doesnt release. So when you pull on the window, it wont open. You need that pressure on the door/window to help the latch release when the lever is pulled.

I’m unsure how to proceed, but i’m really not happy. For the first time in my life, ive bought a brand new car, and I find it hard to accept that i am forced to accept something less than perfect.
its been 5 months now and they still cant fix it.

Can i please ask - do you all have single handed door opening or do you need two?

Mender - i will look at those pins… but i’m not very mechanically minded so i hope its as simple as you make it sound. :slight_smile:

In addition, i was moaning about my car seat splitting apart too. Again, they have been scratching their heads for months, but today the guy fixed it saying that half the screws in the chair were missing!! Sounds like ive been sold a duffer. :frowning:

Door should open with one finger. Once all aligned, they do this perfectly and shut without slamming.
Maybe you have a pivot issue, but I would be surprised if this is the case. Mine were often troublesome (lower guides/catches are plastic and tightening too far will break them, but the bumpiness of the Twizy shakes them loose again!) but just took 5 mins with a torx key every time I washed it to make perfect.

Good luck
It’s a really easy job when you know how, worth learning.

Can you try the door without any windows fitted - can you do it one handed then?

I prefer to run with no windows in place, and only install when absolutely necessary - I need 2 hands when fitted but it does securely latch, but it took a little while to get the knack.

It sounds like this must be more than a few loose screws if they’ve been trying to fix it for 5 months.

Also the fact that the seat was missing half the screws probably means whoever was putting this Twizy together in the factory was hungover that day.

If it were me I’d take it back to Renault for a refund and not accept anything less. As you said it’s your first brand new car, you shouldn’t have to make do with problems lasting 5 months from the date of purchase.

I can’t open the doors with one hand when the windows are in. I have to unlatch and pull window out to clear the roof at the same time to open the doors, so both hands are needed. Very often it still won’t open and that’s because the top window frame hasn’t cleared the roof completely. As Busby said there is a knack to it. I still think it’s the window that’s causing your problem. Easy to prove as you can remove the window and see if your door open easily. Don’t forget the window add quite a bit of weight and with them on the door doesn’t swing up so easily. It was never designed to take windows.
Please don’t get into the mindset that you have got a duffer, otherwise you will be looking out for any minor "faults"to support your theory. It will just ruin your enjoyment of the Twizy.

I was assuming that the windows had been removed to isolate the issue.
As said with the windows in place, there is a knack to opening it, but I much preferred mine without the windows so binned mine two days after getting them.

With the windows out of the equation (obvious) the door should flick open on the inner handle if they are adjusted properly and all the catches line up. As said, you need to adjust them frequently to ensure this as you cannot tighten plastic fitments too much and the vibration soon loosens them. There is no need to adjust the catch.

Assuming nothing is badly broken or bent, surely you can buy a torx tool and do this yourself? It really is easy and is a characteristic of the Twizy rather than a fault.
There would be no way I 'd take mine to a dealer to do this; it takes 5 mins!

I can’t open the doors with one hand when the windows are in. I have to unlatch and pull window out to clear the roof at the same time to open the doors, so both hands are needed.

No problem there, that is how they are designed (Badly!) :lol:


Hi, Andy. Didn’t say that was a problem. Just mentioned that so mattb doesn’t think he is the only one to need two hands to open the doors with windows, and two hands is absolutely normal. Agreed it was badly designed. As I said the doors weren’t designed to take windows. They are very much an afterthought.

Thanks All.

It’s reassuring to hear that you’ve all got varying experiences too.

I too would have tought that they woul dhave taken the windows out to rule them out as an issue. I’ll take them ou at the weekend and give it a go! I’ll try and get a torx driver too and take a look.

I doubt they would replace the twizy now after all this time anyway. To be honest, i really quite like it!

It’s fully wrapped too, so that would stop them taking it back too!

I agree, i prefer it without windows. In fact when its dry i always open them as i think it seems less windy when they are open.
I dont really want to do away with them alltogther though as they do come in handy in the horizontal rain!

I do a 40 mile round trip each day on the motorway so i think i’ll need the windows for spray protection in the winter!

thanks all for your help. It is very much appreciated.

I love my Twizy - i just hate the lack of care from my retailer!

Surely you didn’t drive with the windows in these last couple of months, so did you have trouble opening the doors? As I said, don’t let little niggles detract you from enjoying the Twizy. I don’t. Like this morning, turned on the ignition, and the SERV light stayed on. No panic. Switched off and tried again. Second time round, SERV light went off as normal.
As far as dealers are concerned, some are good and some are bad, no doubt. But when it comes to the Twizy, I think most of them are at a loss and they don’t really know what they are doing. It sells in such small numbers that I think none of the technicians have been to any courses about the Twizy.

Well ive not had the window out… but yes, the weather has been so nice, they’ve been unzipped for the most part since i had it in April! An amazing year to get a Twizy!
I’ll try not to let these things bug me, but it’s more the principal of it all. I really thought people would bend over backwards to help if i bought a new car… yet that just wasnt the case.

It came with a great big scratch down it, the missing chair scews, missing side view mirror casings… the door… a mystery STOP warning light issue… they never call back, they never seem to care, its like ive been driving around with a second hand car all this time.

Of well, i’ll try and look past it all.