Problem with brakes?

For every rotation my wheel does, i can hear the breaks hitting a little, i tried to set it in neutral and when i roll the car in the garage i can feel a slight resistance, if i hit my breakes hard it goes away temporarily.Thought it was rust at first, but it comes back on the same drive. The “scraping” sound is very annoying running at slow speeds. Also how many km do you guys drive before changing brakes?

Hi this will depend on where and how you drive.

Surface rust on the discs make an annoying noise but heavy braking will clear that for that journey.
The brakes are a bit prone to sticking and that is why @ALEXAKOS had some stainless front brake pistons made that replace the existing ones.

I managed over 11,000 Miles before changing the Pads and at the same time having the piston changed. My brakes were binding and it really affected the range.

The rear brakes do have another issue where the hand brake release does allow the caliper arm to return to the fully released position. This can be freed up with some releasing oil and working the lever until it frees off. Not had the scuffing sound since the brakes were sorted by @Lightly

I had the issue you’re describing and used to use my Twizy every single day for work. For that reason, I always suspected that it was more than rusty discs. However I never got to the bottom of the issue.

Yep i have this problem… i have a set of stainless steel cylinders from Alex but not fitted them yet. :fearful:

Thanks for all the replies. Atleast its not dangerous. Will just talk to the dealer about it when i have my first service.

Also having this issue. Any resolution for you?

Beware of the brakes of the Twizy. First you hear nothing, later you hear the brakepads rub the rotor and after some time you don’t hear anything anymore. But don’t be fooled. The pads still rub. In the end the rotors are shot. And believe me those are expensive.

So clean the brakes, front and rear, at least twice a year. You’ll be surprised how much more km’s/miles you drive with the cleaned brakes.

It is an easy job. Takes one hour to an hour and a half to make the brakes up to standard again.
When needed a how-to can be supplied.

Yes please to the how-to!

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The brakes are by far the most sensitive parts of the T. Bad construction, cheap solutions. The price of neglect is high when out of guarantee. Once a month a nice clean with the pressure washer, and your T will love you.

On the German Forum are two How-To’s. One for the front brakes and - you guessed it - one for the rears.

I asked the German thread-starter if it was allowed to translate his work and using his photo’s, but till now I got no reply.

So I give you the links to the two Ho-To’s. And have fun with Google Translate :slight_smile:

How-To front brakes maintenance

How-To rear brakes maintenance

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Cleaning brakes? That’s a first! What are you cleaning off of them?

Yes you always learn something. Read the links I gave you, right above your text.