Problems with the brakes again!

So I’ve complained about noise from the brakes here earlier. I took the car into service a bit early at 10-11 months, and asked them check the brakes. They said they had to change the brake pads, and i paid around 2000 NOK (192 £) for it.

They did and the the constant noise i had from the wheels did not go away. But now one of the tires got really hot when driving, i did not notice at first, but for a longer trip it started smelling burned, at at some point smoke came out from one of the brakes. So the problems was now worse than before.

So i called the workshop/dealer and they said they could look at the car in 5 weeks time, and told me not to drive it. The Twizy is a replacement for my scooter, and its my only vehicle.

I called them again later and asked if they thought it was reasonable for me to be without a car for 5 weeks, and they said they had no other options because of the summer vacation. Renault told me the dealer must give me a loaner car while i wait, but they told me that don’t have any…

I cant believe that im am supposed to wait for weeks for them to fix a 1 year old Twizy. I love the Twizy, but i don’t think its brakes are suited for the Norwegian weather/winter, and i am starting to regret i bought it.

Front or rear wheel?

Front it is likely the cylinder or pads are stuck. The more your use the brakes the worse it gets.
Rears it is more likely the hand brake is stuck on. This can be released with only a hammer and a suitable bar (large screw driver) and some oil. Nothing to remove.

Sounds like a front wheel, your range must be reduced a great deal.

Its from one of the rear wheels. And yes my range was down to 30km when driving now. Was just on the phone with the workshop and they told me these cars need new brake pads every year because of cheap construction. And have a high maintenance cost. I was told the opposite when i got it. that electric cars have basically no maintenance, i almost feel scammed.

It’s not always the brake pads on the rear as they do less work. It can be the Hand brake that sticks on. Try pushing to car with and without the handbrake on and see if there is a difference.

Then compare both sides by looking at how the handbrake works. To do this release the handbrake (chock Twizy if required) and then looking straight down over the rear wheel you can see if the handbrake has been released. The actuating arm should return tot he stop. However theses are known to stick (mine did) and can be manually released by pushing the lever bake to the stop.

Some oil and a lot of operating of this lever will free it up. I can take some photos if it helps.

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New brake pads each year - NO
Cleaning and maintaining - YES

I cleaned mine a few months ago and my Twizy is now doing 50miles on a charge - 36miles over the same route when the brakes stick. I don’t consider 50miles bad for a 4 year old Twizy in a Hilly area.

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Here is a video:

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Looking at the Left Hand rear wheel From above

A close up

The red line should be zero length when the Hand brake is released. If not the brakes are stuck on.

Looking from the side you will see that it is a lever and it is not moving back to the L shaped stop as seen from the top in picture 2… The spring is not doing it’s job because of corrosion where the lever enters the hub. Spray with oil and alternatively operate the hand brake and manually push the lever to the stop until it is freed off.


Thanks alot, its at the service center now, and will probably be fixed. But i will definitively look for this in the future.

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Disc brakes don’t like not being used, particularly if stored outdoors. Low mileages and energy recuperation means they get used even less than would be the norm. For vehicles likely to cover very low mileages, such as a Twizy, the traditional disc brake isn’t a brilliant option, but what’s the alternative?