Project F1 Twizy

Not wanting to spend £30k on an F1 (Oakley Design) Twizy, I’ve decided to embark on my own project. Today I’ve fabricated the rear support structure components. The base is aluminum sandwiched in hardwood ply. This will be shaped / modeled as a composite structure with a fiberglass skin.


Very cool! Make more parts of each item, i buy them!

progress :blush: Fiberglass coating. Need to flat it back, fill, prime and paint. Really strong composite structure. Just need to design and build the rest.

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leveling plate made of fiberglass laminate

support filled

matched up

plywood template made

aluminum sheet cut after template finished

getting there. Still lots to do though. :blush:

Progress. Still a long way to go. Etch prime, bonding, riveting, carbon wrap, plus more fabrication. Pretty happy with the kit so far :grinning:

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so cool! share more!

Carbon wrapped.

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Coming along nicely :thumbsup:.

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I’ve finally managed to get round to finishing my rear spoiler.


would look nice with a good set of windows. lol