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Proud owner of a Twizy

Since 2 January I am the proud owner of a Twizy. My name is Frits and I am 63 years old. I use the Twizy for local traffic between little villages in the North of the Netherlands. Shopping, deliveries, that kind of stuff. And of course to walk my dogs.
A design is going to be made for carwrapping. The end of next week I will make some pictures of it. My beautiful Twizy.

Now I am looking for a cover, thats how I found this group, and a luggagerack.


Welcome to the forum Frits :slight_smile:

Have you seen many other Twizys in the Netherlands?

Welcome along Fritz, the Twizy will suit the flat Dutch roads very well.

Welcome aboard Frits :wink:

Post some photos when you have chance!

Welcome Fritz
You will love the twizy I live n a very hilly area and still impressed with performance and range with fantastic handling :slight_smile: I’m sure you will get fab range in your country . I got mine on Christmas Eve and it great :slight_smile:

Welcome Frtis. You will enjoy your Twizy. It is not possible to drive without smiling…