Public Charging a Twizy in the UK


Whilst I’ve tried to search around and read about the use of public charging stations by Twizy owners, but I’m afraid it’s hellish confusing to me… So would someone be so kind as to answer the following questions for me please?

  1. I have bought a Type-2 -to- UK 3Pin converter cable, so could I in theory use any Type-2 charging point?

  2. I have signed up for the ECOtricity iOS App and it says that my Twizy is incompatible with Rapid Chargers. Does this mean that I cannot use a Rapid Charger (assuming it’s a Type-2 connector) at all? I know that the Twizy cannot ‘Rapid Charge’ per se, but assumed that it would still be able to slow-charge, regardless?

  3. In the view of the more experienced public charging folks here, which in your view are the two most common, popular or prolific recharge providers around the UK (in my case, the South East, in Surrey) - POD Point, ECOtricity, Polar etc?

  4. And finally, the Twizy recharges off a 240v supply as we know - what voltage do the other more rapid charging points use, is it still 240v? I may have answered my own question here, as I suspect the answer is yes, it’s still 240v, but the current delivery changes with the rapid charge stations?

Many Thanks!

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  1. yes
  2. Ecotricty charge way too much to charge a Twizy off. Better going to a campsite and charging there! ECotricity charge £6 for 30 mins as you will need a min of 1 hour then a camp site will be cheap even if not camping.
  3. Rapid charges are NOT compatible with the Twizy and have a cable attached and not a type 2 socket so you cannot use anyway.
  4. Type 2 points are 240V put will provide very high currents - certainly more than the 10amps the Twizy needs. The Adaptor you have tells the charge point what power lever is to be used. ie. 10amps.
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Thank you osbrook - very useful. I hadn’t appreciated that the Rapid Chargers were physically incompatible through hook-up, so that’s an easy one to identify then!

So generic ‘Slow Chargers’ can have Type-2 connectors and will charge up to 3kW and are broadly the same as my 13A mains at home.

‘Fast Chargers’ can also come with Type-2 connectors into which I could plug my converter cable and will charge anywhere from 7-22kW, if the vehicle can draw that recharging current, also at 240v. But the Twizy will only take a max of 10A, as usual.

If these two statements are correct, then I think I’ve got it clear in my head now!?

Whow a clear head at this time of year! - :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter that a point can supply much more power than the Twizy needs. The Adaptor has a resister in it to tell the charge point what max power should be supplied.

Currently ( :slight_smile:) you plug in to a 13amp power point but the Twizy only draws up to 10amps.

Don’t get kw and KWh mixed up. ie. 10amps at 240v (2400w) for one hour is 2400wh or 2.4KWh

Thank you again - armed with this information and my Type-2 to UK 3-Pin converter, I feel confident enough to venture further afield now I think, so who knows what adventures await! I will also take a normal UK extension cable with me that could be thrown through the window of a pub kitchen, just in case I need to feed both of us at the same time if it all goes horribly wrong :slight_smile:

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It won’t work with a 22kW Rapid charger. If you stick to the 7kW and 3kW posts you’ll be fine.

Understood - thanks!

You can only use the adaptor cable in a socket outlet, not a type 2 with a tethered cable. The internal signal contacts will not connect as the plug that goes into the car is different to the connector on a charge point.
The charge points are not a charger, they are a slightly intelligent mains outlet. The fast chargers, Chademo and CCS use a lot of data exchange and charge the car by directy putting high voltage DC into the battery pack at high current. Hence whay they are called fast chargers.
The Twizy just requires a single phase supply and will work in any Type two outlet that you have access to. I make such adaptors and the most common question I get is how much quicker will it charge, on a 7kw outlet. It wont, the charger is in the vehicle, and not the power outlet.

You can’t say things like that without the obvious follow up question… How much for such an adapter??

I have them listed on Ebay for £160, but most of my business is not through ebay, I can then do a slightly better price for those customers.
I earn my living repairing EVs, making conversion parts and selling conversion parts, again some on ebay, but most dont get sold that way. I service and repair the Citroen C1 evies that were made 2009/10 and purchased all the remaining spares, and make the parts no longer available such as motor couplings. I also sell these cars as I take them in from local authorities who purchased them from new, sort any issues and sell them with support. I do put these on Ebay to sell as its quite cheap classified advertising.
I am just doing another Polaris Ranger 4x4 ATV Conversion to Lifepo4, (They also use the Sevcon controller as in the Twizy). Always a new challenge.

There are 22kW ones that are plug in ones that need the data exchange from the 2 pins at the bottom of the plug, they don’t work with the Twizy as they only use a single phase as you say.

You can use the type 2 adapter on a 22kw three phase just the same as the single phase 16 and 32 amp versions. The three phase has all 4(+earth)of the larger pins wired up and for single phase it just uses the outer two being live and neutral. But it still wont charge any faster as the charger is on the twizy and wont pull any more than around 10amps or under 3kw.

No you can’t, I’ve tried.

There is no reason why it shouldnt charge, as you can use a single phse Type 2 in a 3 phase outlet. It may be down to the particular adaptor you have. What was the charge point and adaptor that you tried.

Not a problem using type2 - 3 pin converter from Symphony EV:

I recently drove a Twizy over 200 miles over a few days on public charging in mid-Wales for a film were were was making. Awesome little car. I want one myself now! But the battery lease is crazy expensive especially for 2nd hand Twizy.

That’s a seriously expensive convertor!

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Can a Twizy public charge on a 22kW post with an adaptor?

Yes, but only at the normal 2.5kW 3-pin plug speed.

I have found a cheaper adaptor for £95:

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At ASDA, at the Polar recharge station on an Menekes 2 port to your 3-pin plug - works great. Faster than home charging for sure :slight_smile:

That’s the one I have. I went for the Masterplug option, better when it rains. He also made me one up to use with my tethered charger that I have for my Leaf.

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