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Public Charging Posts - thin end of the wedge?

Just had an interesting chat with Transport Scotland, an organisation dedicated to ensure a proliferation of public charging points across the country. We were all singing from the same hymn sheet until I queried where the BS1663 (square pin) socket was to allow a Twizy to recharge.


Neither was the guy apologetic - saying that 13amp plugs are inherently unsafe and the posts all require a ‘Type 2’ plug inserted before any charging will be permitted. He suggested they had no responsibility to look after ‘legacy’ devices and it would be up to Renault to replace the captive lead with a properly-designed type 2 alternative, not for them to retro-fit posts with ‘non standard’ sockets.

It appears the bulk of on-street sites in Scotland will be of no use to Twizy owners, and he suggested the same would be true down south too.

Am I worrying needlessly, can a type 2 > 13amp socket adaptor be used and as anyone tried it?

I think Nikki has one

I used to carry a round pin adaptor lead in the right glove box to plug in at outdoor events; a mennekes-3 pin would be easy to make or source; pm Nikki

What I am confused… Am I going to be able to use all public charging points with this adapter? I hope so? Where do I get one!

This is my concern, his attitude shocked me. I’ve had a Vectrix for 5 years so not a EV newbie, yet his attitude was ‘tough’ the standard was reached 2 years ago, and this was the way forward! He even had the temerity to add we had to change all our TV’s for digital (FFS). He couldn’t see that as the posts all provided single phase AC at 240v, nothing had changed - just the socket.

He was even scathing of ElectroBay posts - which have been my friend for 4 years charging for being ‘non standard’ !

So much for the EV ‘fraternity’ (not)!

I kept one of these in my right hand glovebox for 16amp socket use, ideal for Ludlow market square:

When I mentioned this, someone else said they had made up similar to work with the new charging points-can’t remember who?

Actually, I have no shortage of 16amp (blue) connectors as you can obtain these off-the-shelf at caravan accessory shops as they have been the standard on caravan sites for 10+ years. It’s the ‘Type 2’ plug I’m trying to source as I’ve not seen it generally available!

On a tangent, the Twizy has a captive lead - a converter link would need to fit wholly within the front compartment leaving only the lead running to the charging post. This is because it is a great temptation (to smart-arses) to disconnect the link… simply because they can!

It is not finding the connectors it is the price. After that it is fairly simple to wire up the resistors etc.
£80+ for a type 2 plug. Come on.

I cannot find a Type 2 plug for sale anywhere - if its not on eBay or RS then it is hard to find. As to the price, sounds as though you accept the pricing… Why? Sounds as though someone is profiting from the limited supply chain. As for Renault, the lack of an official Type 2 cable upgrade is quite telling.

Especially if they intend to marginalise Generation 1 owners by leaving them with their legacy pluggery and no upgrade path.

Is the blue connector the Type 2 for the modern charge stations then? Don’t understand the £80 cost - is that to replace the Twizy cable?

No - the Blue connector is a 16A plug with three (round) pins. This is used in caravans and on sites. This costs around £3, and is not Type 2. The type 2 plug is available in male and female configurations, as well as 16a and 32a versions, they look the same externally but the larger amperage plugs cost £5 more. The £75 price is for the plug only - no cable.

To access non 13a square pin posts, you will need to still use the Twizy captive lead, with a waterproof box to protect the Twizy plug and converter 13a socket - this then connects to the Type 2 plug.

Who is going to make a converter, so we can keep a normal plug, but just use an adapter that we can carry?


Quite right. I haven’t needed one so have no inclination to pay out £80 for the Type 2 connector and the 2 resistors and diode. After that it is easy enough.

Nikki sent me this. Not English but you can see how easy it is.

As you note, wiring the plug isn’t rocket science - but it will always be a kludge - primarily because you cannot simply chop off the existing plug on the Twizy - this needs to be retained, and a method of keeping the connection secure and wateproof whilst unattended charging progresses…