Question about service light on and 12V battery

so last friday, my 12 v battery died, i had to jumpstart the car with another car to basically be able to take it home and recharge. since that happened, the SERV light is on. I have changed the battery with a OEM new one but the light is still on. i have also used the power box to remap it, but it is still on. everything else works just fine. I just hate to have it to take it to the dealer to check what it is and maybe just clear the error. any ideas what to do? when i changed the battery it was disconnected for over 20 minutes, so my guess is that the rror does not get errased like a regualr car. thanks for any imput
carlos from colombia

I had the same: SERV light on after 12V battery change - luckily it was gone off from alone after around 14 days (10 rides a 70 km).

It sounds like the 12V battery isn’t being charged as the voltage appears low. Can you check the voltage of the 12V battery?

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The old baterry was low but the new one is good is 12.57 v. I hope it goes away after a few days like mentioned above. So far it has been 5 days and it is still on but the car works fine

Guys like mentioned above the light turned off after 10 days

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I have gone through this same issue, I have and old school radio , so I had a pic-nic with this radio working for about 8 hrs, when I tried to start the twizy my service battery was dead. My solution was charging again the power battery with the key switch on, my thinking is the energy goes from the power battery to the service battery like a petrol car with the alternator and starter battery. The “stop” “service” Battery" alerts disappeared.


My Serv light has been on for the last 13 months after the small auxiliary battery was changed.
The garage reset it today when she was MOT’d, at least I hope they did and it’s not a sudden bulb failure!

They are set to come on every 12 months as a service reminder, they get turned off by a garage inserting the scart plug in the glove box.

Not sure why your service light would come on after 12v batter change. I disconnect mine for weeks at a time and it doesn’t come on when I reconnect it.
@Simonwetton do you have the correct OBD code reader to reset the light etc?

Maybe these are newer Twizys , I know for sure my 2012 Twizy service light never comes on for the yearly service.

After my local garage tried to charge me for the free year 4 service I have done everything myself.

@Simonwetton is this conformed anywhere? I’ve never found a list of twizy specific fault code. A obd will give you a code and a battery one the ability to reset, but knowing what that code means is a whole another thing!

The icarsoft rt 1.0 code reader can read fault codes on a twizy and give descriptions also.


icarsoft also can reset fault codes , Renault version, it can come configured with many different manufacturer options.

the delphi clip from china can also do the same read and reset functions and is cheaper brand new but you will need a laptop to run the virus ridden software :rofl:

It’s crazy. I bought some software for my VW transporter and the insulation software told me to disable my antivirus.
After running it through an emulator and checking it with an antivirus, all sorts of DOS and Trojanhorse viruses. Cheeky gets!

Wow. Always pays to be careful!

Icarsoft looks the answer. I did think any delphi thing from.china was going to cause troubles virus wise. My PC doesn’t deserve that!

I used an old win7 laptop which has no other use than the Delphi china software, the laptop also has no wifi :rofl:

I think its also safe to assume that any Chinese built CCTV camera that’s internet connected can “phone home”. Which is why my chinese built DVR sits on a separate subnet on the home network only accessible via an “ssh tunnel” so it can’t see the public internet.

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