Question about service light on and 12V battery

so last friday, my 12 v battery died, i had to jumpstart the car with another car to basically be able to take it home and recharge. since that happened, the SERV light is on. I have changed the battery with a OEM new one but the light is still on. i have also used the power box to remap it, but it is still on. everything else works just fine. I just hate to have it to take it to the dealer to check what it is and maybe just clear the error. any ideas what to do? when i changed the battery it was disconnected for over 20 minutes, so my guess is that the rror does not get errased like a regualr car. thanks for any imput
carlos from colombia

I had the same: SERV light on after 12V battery change - luckily it was gone off from alone after around 14 days (10 rides a 70 km).

It sounds like the 12V battery isn’t being charged as the voltage appears low. Can you check the voltage of the 12V battery?

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The old baterry was low but the new one is good is 12.57 v. I hope it goes away after a few days like mentioned above. So far it has been 5 days and it is still on but the car works fine

Guys like mentioned above the light turned off after 10 days

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