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Question for you Twizy owners!

Hello all!

My name is Ali and I’m a student in Sweden studying cultural behavior. I’m doing research on electric cars cultures-- more specifically cars like Twizy, and I wanted to learn a little more about why you like them. Do you use them in the same way you would use a “normal” car? Was your main motivation to buy a car like this because it’s electric? Or because it’s FUN!? Please share some stories if you have time.

Thanks for helping a student out!



Please send me a private message. Happy to help out!



My Twizy is used for me to commute in and run errands, like shopping or run my son about.
Then it is used for trips out into the Peak District.

It’s fun and even on a snowy day like today my solar panels provided 20+ miles of free driving.


I use my Twizy for my daily commute to work and then for errands during the day. It is perfect for urban driving when you never have a chance to go that fast anyway! So much stopping and slowing down tops up the battery nicely too. When the weather improves I shall definitely go out into the countryside. I chose a Twizy for environmental reasons and to make a stand against the price of petrol and road fund licence. I have noticed that I am becoming an Eco-warrior and glare at anyone with horrible exhaust fumes!!

incidentally, Renault customer services were totally amazed that I bought it for daily use. They thought it was just for fun as an extra car! This just proves how little they know about their own car and customers. But then we all know that about the Twizy - great car shame about Renault.

Thanks all! This is great. So would you say that the draw of the Twizy is because it’s electric or because it’s unique and fun? What other vehicles did you consider when making the purchase? Maybe you didn’t consider a vehicle at all-- maybe the alternative was public transit?

At any rate, it looks like a really neat little vehicle (what do you call it!?). Through my research I’m starting to actually want one!

Are you allowed to drive it just like a normal car?

Thanks again for your great feedback!


Hello Ali,

I personally never intended to get a petrol car at all and only learned how to drive so that i could drive someone elses car if it was necessary, I was happy to use public transport for most of my life even though the buses around my area werent very reliable but after a few winters spent waiting up to an hour for a bus to show up (in a fairly large town on the outskirts of Manchester mind you im not talking about in the middle of nowhere where this would have been understandable) i had had enough and resigned myself to the fact that i may have to get a car if just for convenience sake. Now i like to think of myself as somewhat of an environmentalist and the main thing making me not want to get a car is the pollution that driving causes and not wanting to be a part of that, although the cost of buying and running a normal car as well as the tax etc put me off too. At first i didnt even consider getting an electric car as i had fallen for the bad hype that they could only drive like 10 mph and for 20 miles before they ran out of power and any better than that cost £30,000 or more and my work was too far away to bike there. After thinking about it for a while i remembered about some little buggies that i had seen on Top Gear once called Qpods and i remembered that i had heard they had an electric version so i had a look into that but it turned out that Qpod had stopped making their electric version for some reason and it was there browsing the internet for electric cars that i found the Twizy and realised that it was the answer to all my problems! It was cheap enough to buy and run for me to be able to afford and it had enough range for me to get around Greater Manchester (and further afield with some clever planning) and to top it all off it would mean that i wasnt damaging the environment any where near as much as if i had bought a petrol car.

Now that I have my Twizy i use it mostly for commuting but ive found that it is great for visiting friends and shopping and when it gets a little warmer i may try to take it on longer journeys :).

But anyway to answer your question i was first drawn to the Twizy because it was electric and cheap but its also really fun and i like the fact that it is unique and draws attention and that people are always asking questions and commenting.

I hope my rambling helps with your work :).

Hi, I bought my Twizy due to a mixture of issues… mainly financial but with an eco twist. I was looking at balancing my household budget as cost’s in the UK are spiralling, particularly energy bills and fuel (petrol/diesel). My wife uses her car for work and I commute but don’t drive my car in-between. I invested in Solar panels to reduce my household energy bills which then made me consider electric cars as well. I knew that I couldn’t charge a car fully, but the principle was ok as I get paid to generate the energy. We were told to maximise our use of the ‘free’ energy to maximise my investment. I could sell my petrol car to save money on those costs and run the electric car. I had seen the Twizy through my car magazine so was aware of it… however I thought it to be too expensive. A look at this forum saw someone selling an unwanted competition car, so I took the plunge.

The fun factor then kicked in after a quick drive and the attention from other motorists. As a school teacher, all of the students love the eco side of the car, and I now use it in my lessons as an example of sustainable transport and battery use /energy consumption etc.

Some of the best comments so far: an elderly woman who said the Twizy reminded of her of her mother’s bubble car and said I was a very lucky girl. A man on a Harley Davidson who pulled up beside me and leant in to say, cool car. Boys outside MacDonalds shouting, look at that car, it’s well sick :lol: and lastly a visitor at my school who said he has had to completely alter his opinion of me … I have no idea what that was but I think I went up in his estimation!!

I bought the car because I loved the look of it.

I am a bit of a car nut. When ever I had money it would be spent on the children and never myself.

I then saw the Twizy, and then had one for a weekend and thought I have to get one of these.

Spent 3 months trying to work out costs and if i could afford it.

Before this I was thinking of getting quad and or scooter. Yes they would be cheaper, but I am more likely to kill myself on one, more likely to get wet, and still have petrol and road tax to pay for.

So I use the car mainly for commuting to and from work everyday, and sometimes at the weekend for a bit of fun.

Bonus to it is free tax and no fuel. Did not do it for green reasons mainly money, and I wanted some fun.

Don’t regret it, only wish some people were a bit more accepting of change.

Oh an Renault are rubbish at pushing these cars for sale. As someone said elsewhere, they are mainly trying to push the Dacias.

I love it.

Bought the Twizy for pizza delivery in N. Ireland. Unbelievable attention, great for driving up the town and seeing rival business stare.

Bought it mainly for financial reasons: cheap car to buy and cheap to charge. But driving it, it can’t be helped that I now think of myself it is better for the environment, too. Heck, it might be even cleaner for the environment than if I used a bus. (though discussable)

In purely energy terms - watt-hours per passenger km or mile - a Twizy is certainly better than a regular diesel bus. With two people on board, a Twizy is close to the energy consumption per passenger of a London Underground train. We use that in our propaganda - the Twizy can be the “Tube” for rural areas, where personal travel accounts for 40% of our energy use (and “carbon footprint”). Having people feel good about doing something they already like doing (like driving a Twizy!) is much easier than trying to persuade them to do something differently because it is “good”. The fact that Twizys are fun is critical to this.

I bought mine because its fun was not looking for one until I noticed it outside Renault show room gave it a test drive, was hooked every time I drive it carnt stop smiling. The cheap running costs just made me unable to say no, I use to to drive to and from work and around where I live my work is 20-25 miles away. Also have a normal car for the times I need the range or boot space but don’t see me using it anywhere like as much as I used to